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Making it world wide!
February 25th, 2011 
Hi everyone, Here I'm back with another project for KAT-TUN's 5th anniversary<3

I was just watching cartoon kat-tun where they have to ''keep smile''(Smiling project), and had an Idea...

if you want to take part in this project, YOU have to...Collapse )
My first batch! Hope you`ll like most of them. /smile

[58] Kamenashi Kazuya -Belated Happy Birthday! :D

[15] Arashi (except Jun Matsumoto)
[16] Mizushima Hiro
[63] Hey!Say!JUMP

[19] Akanishi Jin


Hello, a little information ^^

Arena 37° April 2011 with Jin Akanishi

release date : 2011/03/10
Preorder on : CD-Japan
Kame + door
Title: Three Days Later
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance
Beta: carboncastel
Disclaimer: Please just let them own each other already. I don’t.
Summary: Kame is getting married. Jin is… well, invited. Sequel to Wedding Day.
Author’s Note: Time setting is 2016. And the story actually starts at the scene where Wedding Day left off, but I think it can, to some extent, stand by itself, too.

“We should have made a script, then,” he said, trying to sound angry over Kame’s ridiculous statements. “You should have sent it with the invitation, you know? ‘You’re invited to my wedding, but don’t talk to me because I still have feelings for you and they might resurface if we share so much as a greeting – ’”

Fic list here.
ueda ice cream
So new fan video with KAT-TUN in concert using B.O.N.'s "Boys (Remix)". :) I'll upload them on MegaUpload and MediaFire tomorrow afternoon (I have to go to work soon), so watch for them. :D




We’re inviting all Hyphens in celebrating 6-nin KAT-TUN’s 5th year Anniversary in Manila!! Just go HERE @jedoesntsuck  for the details regarding this gathering. Hope to see you there! BTW, Belated happy birthday Kamenashi Kazuya! ^_^

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