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Making it world wide!
February 21st, 2011 
12:10 am - AKAME Makeup?

Hello :)

I am back with more posts for me JE Makeup Project!

First one is a Kamenashi Kazuya makeup.
Since it is almost his birthday, I wanted to celebrate it with a makeup look.

Another one is a Akanishi Jin makeup.
An anonymous person requested a Yellow Gold makeup look.

Both makeups can be found in my LJ :)
Please click on the image(s) below

02:34 am - [MOD] DISCUSSION
KAT-TUN//Ueda Tatsuya - WWUD
Time to let your voice be heard again~

If you could get rid of anything in the comm (besides the mods:P), what would it be?
(ie: pairings, fics, graphics, certain tags, etc.)

Is there anything you would like to see moved to a master post?

Is there anything you think needs to be handled differently?

Are the comm rules confusing? Do they need to be explained a lil better?

What would you think of a weeky free-for-all post where you could discuss other interests not related to kat-tun/JE?
(some rules would still apply: no porn, bashing, trolling, etc.)

What would you think of a weekly chatroom party?

Questions/comments/suggestions, anyone?
paris opera
Hi, guys!

I'm back with a new part of my 'Junno Series'.

You've already seen the Goofy and the Cute side of Junno. Now it's time for his trademark - The Dazzling Smile.

Put on your sun glasses and click down for some Junno smiles.

>> You shine so bright << )

Koki and his love for animals....

Recently I posted kat-tun's performance on hey hey hey music champ, then I remembered I'd seen this photo.. and wondered at Koki's weird new taste in pet animals... well kappa in this instance... and his usual 'maji de'  and 'this is awesome' expressions...

So just in case your fangirl radar/curiosity kicks in and you are wondering what is a kappa, here goes...

I did a post in my blog on Kame's performance and thought I'd share it in a community where there are people who know KAT-TUN better than I do and can give comments on what I was rambling about. I love his performance for this song to bits and pieces and wish I could spazz about it with other fans...   :)

Here's the link to the post. You're welcomed to comment here or there... 

I'm a newbie to the comm, so I hope you'll be nice to me in your comments... ^^;;

Thank you~~~
The post title says it all!

For more details please go @  my lj: [info]kat_tun_4_ever and give your oppinion on it ^_^

Arigatou gozaimasu ^_^

[屋良] eurgh
Ultimate Wheels shop photos [35p] - SleepyUeda

partial preview:

largest dimension: approx.900px
Credit: minamichan & sleepyueda
07:30 pm - Icons
misc × angel with a shotgun
I made some icons :) Enjoy them~

Kame { 13 } Jin { 14 } Junno { 7 } Koki { 10 } Tacchan { 15 } Maru { 4 } Pairings&Gruppen { 10 } 
Summary: 73 icons


For more: { click }
dream boys2

So, I actually made my first fan video ever...
Well, I made one in the past using pictures, but this time I used some acutal footages...

Basically, I took some of my favorite Koki moments and just combined it in one video.

Click HERE!!! xD

Oh, PS-
I also am currently doing a Johnny's Make Up Project, and I recieved an anonymous request for a
Jin Yellow Gold makeup on my Ueda makeup page.
I have a question for whoever requested this look, so please tell me if you requested ne~^^

EDIT: I changed my youtube channel, so please click above for links. Thank you! (2/21/2011)
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