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Making it world wide!
February 6th, 2011 
Kitty Cat (=^_^=)

Minna!! o genki desuka?? anyways today i bring u a video of the NEW commercial dat has KT's new song!! Anyways will be F-lock in 24hrs since i saw someone uploaded to a streaming site and claimed it as theres!! so no need for this anymore i guess *sigh*...anyways here u go...
Books hazy
Remember the dramatic love story of two pastel piglets in from the credits of Nobuta wo Produce? I do. :-) In fact, I am still convinced that this touching tail tale is an allegory of the relationship between Shuji and Akira - and that it does indeed have A Happy Ending.

The linked posts may exceed your recommended daily dosage of crack and/or pastel piglets

Some time ago, I interpreted The Piglets' Tale in an entirely conclusive manner. Or so I thought! However, it's recently been brought to my attention that stone-hearted dissenters (who refuse to believe that love triumphs in the end) may still be Out There.

So now, tell me what you think. Is there a happy ending for the piggy lovers or not? Tell me what you conclude - in The Official Piglet Poll!

The Original Argument is here. It features touching screenshots of romance, drama, heartbreak – and that inimitable bond that exists only between animated pastel piglets in love!
As some of us may know, KAT-TUN is due to produce a new song titled, 'WHITE' for SOFINA Whitening Cosmetics.  However, it has been said that KAT-TUN will not be shown in the CM, but that 'WHITE' will be played as the background music for the SOFINA Whitening Lotion commercial. 'WHITE' is said to have a very cool tune and lyrics.

I know the title is long, but I promise a hefty sum of picspams inside too :D


[Trans] KAT-TUN World Big Tour 2010 Pamphlet : Taguchi Junnosuke


Point Zero. Where It Started

Read Interview HERE!

paris opera
Ok, guys, I'm back with the second part of my Junno series.

Last time we got to see how goofy Junno can get and many of you thought that was cute.
Well, now I have something even cuter for you.

Check it out, yo!

( ~~ cuteness all the way, baby! ~~ )

Kyohei Kame

Hello Everyone!

So, does everyone of you know the Kame X Koda Kumi incident that's told in MS?

Since there's no subs of that... if some people want to know what they're talking about, i wanna share my brief translation about that. :)


ありがとう! ^ ^

~♥Ks by Ks♥~

x-posted @ going_gonin 
Hi minna, please give our warmest and fuzziest welcome to the following members of KAT-TUN LOVE!

"Hi everyone!

Well I've just recently got into KAT-TUN by accident. I was looking for a random photo on Google and this image of Akame came up. So I did a little research and KAT-TUN came up. :) I don't know why, but whenever I hear their music and their voices combined, it makes me happy. Wish them all the best.
Ah, I also can't forget about Jin. He's my second favorite person (if you haven't figure out who's my number one). I also love his music. Wish him all the best also.

Last but not least, Thank you to everyone who shares KAT-TUN and Jin, Love to everyone else. <3"

My name is Kyle Takahishi.. I love KAT-TUN!!!!!!
Tanaka Koki is my most favorite for sure! His raps are so amazing!
I don't think that there are many boys in this fandom.... so YAY FOR ME!"

"konnichiwa minna-san!!!

I'm no good talking about myself ...

I'm Spanish and I am a fan of KAT-TUN for more than 3 years.
I met the boys through Yamapi, really XDDDD I saw a photo and searched for information, then searched their doramas, and downloaded "Nobuta wo produce" ... at that time KAT-TUN came into my life to never leave it!!
I searched information about Kame and met the other 5 members. And from there everything went very quickly. Soon I had all the discography, all the DVDs and was a faithful follower of Cartoon KAT-TUN. I love them. ^^

Sometimes I felt a little lonely as a fan, it is difficult to find other people in my town who understand this feeling. So I want to meet many fans around the world and stop feeling alone.
I am determined to make KAT-TUN is known in the West, so I wanted somehow to join the Spanish fans for pushing and make ourselves heard.

I can not say what I like KAT-TUN, because I like everything about them. I guess the best thing is knowing that returning home will always have something good to hear or to see, because they get me out a smile even when life goes wrong.

Well ... I wrote a lot, sorry! And sorry more for my bad english :P

I hope to meet more fans and share many things.


"Hey hey hey!
I joined a while back to but haven't gotten around to writing an introduction post until now!

Where to start? Hmm. Well, I'm Rebecca, Swedish and relatively new to KAT-TUN and JE fandom. However, being new makes me very passionate about it! hehe. Also very "lonely" in my fandom since no one in my vicinity cares much for JE >_< Therefore I am glad I got on LJ and I enjoy reading what other fans have to say. Even if I have like 0 friends here. Wanna be my friend? xD

I went to Japan last September-October and first got introduced to Arashi, then through various dramas, Yamashita Tomohisa, and more I finally ended up watching "Nobuta wo Produce" (like 'becky_sawada' before me^^). Listened to Seishun Amigo and started downloading a bit of KAT-TUN and NEWS stuff. (NEWS didn't stick as much as KAT-TUN and Yamapi though ;P). The rest is history..

Since I am such a new KAT-TUN fan I am quite oblivious to the whole Jin ordeal, just putting it out there. I hear a lot of fans were (are?) really upset, since I don't really know the whole story I shouldn't comment on it, but I will. He's his own man fgs!^^

I am a passionate fan of the "KA" in KAT-TUN. Kamenashi Kazuya truly is eros personified. And when he sings it sends shivers up my spine! xD I love the BtR '1582' performance and I don't think anyone else could have pulled it of in such fashion as Kame.

I got nicknamed "the turtle" earlier this year, I want to see this as a sign! lol"

"So, I'm MARY. :) I found KAT-TUN and fell in love with KAT-TUN in August of 2010. :) So I'm a relatively new fan.

I really enjoy watching them. I love re-watching episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN and singling their songs very loudly (while being totally off key and massacring the Japanese language at the same time).

As with the person above, I'm pretty oblivious to the whole Jin incident. But I love him just as much as the other guys.

Oh ... and to answer a favorite question posed on 100Q on CTKT --
Which KAT-TUN Member would you want as your _____?
Older Brother: Nakamaru
Younger Brother: Taguchi
Boyfriend: Ueda
Best Friend: Kamenashi (and Akanishi). XD
Distant Relative: Koki

I'm born in early '85~ so I fall right in the middle of the ages of the boys. :) It makes me happy to find a group of singers that are MY AGE. XD It makes them even more relatable.:)

I hope to meet many of you here and share the love. :) I will be sharing icons often, because they're easy to icon. \^^/!"

Please remember to post your intros in the master intro post! This intro update is posted every week with new members intro(s). If there is anything you would like to ask or suggest, please feel free to contact us :)

Have a great week ahead,

Just wanted to share a new small bunch of wallies with you all ^_^

You can see them here -> Kochi Kochi! <-

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