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Making it world wide!
February 2nd, 2011 
Na~~~ Happy Lunar New Year!
Click here to download subbed PV at my LJ :">
As usual, 2 version: Vietnamese and English.
 KAT-TUN's 14th single ULTIMATE WHEELS debuts at NUMBER 1 with 075,501 copies sold!!!

for more information click here ...
こきたん ~_~

Update: Chapter 5
The Amusement Park Arc: Part 1

This is a chain update so expect a new chapter tomorrow and the day after as well :)

- Comment/feedback is loved.
- I welcome suggestions and/or prompts, for any KAT-TUN member(s)/pairings and Y&Js.
- Once in a while, there will be tied-in arts for the fancomic. Request is open! (Just KAT-TUN members only)
- Enjoy
Hi all, I just love this section, so I have translated the Metropolitan game ( similiar as Yamamote line game) part only from R-ONE KAT-TUN on 01/02/2011

Douzo  XD

PicSpam from the 'Making of ULTIMATE WHEELS PV'. The guys were so cool. They made me feel like I wanted to be on the set with them while they filmed the PV. I don't think I've ever been this idol-crazed before *_*

Dress him like a vagrant and he's still sexy... Kame will be the end of me *dies*

See More HERE

.MAKE-OR-BREAK and rap Koki. 
.夜明けまで and rap Koki.

Download click here
06:58 pm - My fanworks
 There are some video clips about Kame and Jin I`ve made. I would like you to see them and express your opinion:)
Please, I need it;)

It`s my first work about AKame:

Next video is very....very tragic and....if you don`t want to cry, you shouldn`t see it.

This video is my pride. I love it more than others my works:))

And finally, please, excuse me for my english! ^^
NewS//Shige - Future
Short and simple, not sure how to phrase this very well:

Arashians: we don't go spam posts on your comm with kattun pics/gifs, please don't do it here. All it does when some of you come here and do that is make you and your fandom look bad.

Hyphens: try to remember, if you have an issue like people spamming posts, notify a mod. Arguing does no good and just brings you down to the same level of the other side.

Both of you:
The members of Arashi and KAT-TUN both are entertainers. They are good at what they do, or they wouldn't be where they are right now. Try to show some respect for that please.

(note: this is ONLY directed to the people who were spamming/arguing with each other)
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