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January 20th, 2011 
Kitty Cat (=^_^=)
Minna~ o genki desu ka?? To celebrate a sucessful first day bk to school i bring you i guess the "official" lyrics for three songs...well as official as dey will get xD until WB or Jin release the lyircs dem selves ^^ anyways here are the lyrics for Magnitude, Pin Dom and The Fifth Season the lyrics were taken from his current concerts (: if you want dem check dem out Here will be F-lock when official official lyrics come out ja~
Hime wears an AFRO ♥♥♥♥♥
 I know this is insane, but it will definitely bring smile on your face. :D


Try this MASHing game here @ kichapi

see you there ne? :D
I love Kame all sweaty in Going-20110116...
Oh dear, that sound so wrong isn't it? But I'm sure all of you understand what I mean...*wink*
He's so cute and bubbly in each episode as he displayed great passion in his fav sport...^_^

Kame looks so small compared to the other players and you could really see how excited he was to be there...Just like a small kid going to a playground...In the end of the day, he's the only one still look pretty gorgeous without a bad burn...LOL 

I did some gif as well...ENJOY~~~

(32) Icons
(6) gif

Preview :

Icons and Gifs @ Miss Sunshine/Fazlyn_n
hello everyone, after sharing some news interview i got my some thoughts in mind so i decided to put it up and make a poll about it actually it's my first time making one. well, anyway i wanna know what runs in your minds so please answer my poll coz i would like to know your opinion. feel free to add up whatever you wanna say on the comment box. and after a week i guess, i will be posting again the results and also my personal feelings and insights about it.

So yesterday my friend brought me some good news.... it was too super good to be true (well obviously) *_* here's what she messaged me:-

Rica:     Hey, I dreamt about you last night..... you and one of those kattun guys got married :-))))))
Me:        LOL really?????? wow I'm soooo happy *_* Which one? Can you describe him???? LOL
Rica:     hahahaha... awwww. You kinda came into my workplace and introduced him.... I don't know which one.... but this morning when I woke up I went to the music you sent me on the phone LOL
Me:       Which song did I send you again? I'm sure you liked it :) Awwww I'm in heaven now.... I hope it's Kame *_* wow that would be a dream come thru/true!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTINUE READING THE CRAZINESS *_*

kai blush
[10] Ueda
[06] Maru
[10] Kame
[09] Junno
[08] Koki

Check them out Here @ My LJ ♥
Remember that Pimp Post contest? Well, I decided to make my Pimp Post into a Pimp VIDEO ^^/
I actually love the way it turned it out, for some reason the length of the post matched the length of the music almost perfectly!
Please check it out! ^-^/
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