December 31st, 2010


Johnny’s stars get together for “Johnny’s Touzai Uta Gassen”!

TV Asahi aired a special program titled, “Toshiwasure! Johnny’s Touzai Uta Gassen”, which featured footage taken from their concert,  “Nenmatsu Young Touzai Uta Gassen! Touzai Jr. Senbatsudaishugo 2010!”.

Held at NHK Hall, this November 27th concert allowed guest stars like Tackey & Tsubasa, KAT-TUNYamashita Tomohisa (NEWS), and many others! In addition, the broadcast features footage from backstage as well.

 Read more and the WATCH VIDEO HERE!


[fanvideo] KAT-TUN Member-Ai for Nakamaru 17 and download

Hello minna

let's end this year with some Member-Ai ^__^

WARNING: contains scenes from the new DVD. If you didn't watch it allready be aware of spoilers

- @new DVD, Koki's  We are all so touched because it's the end of the concert, but still I have to grab Nakamarus ass moment. Did you catch it? I did and laughed my ass of XDD
- What happens when Kame and Nakamaru shower togheter (well we can imagine that). No, not that hentais!
- Koki always carring to bring his wifey back from stage
- cutest MaruDa Chibi pic (@4:46) such pure smiles
- many chibi NaKame and TaNaka pics I didn't kow before

I uploaded it on MF and MU for those who want ^_^

Enjoy the fun! 

Collapse )

Koki said Hyphen?!

Hm... Is that true?...

I saw the video here

Im sure if you already saw KAT-TUN World Tour DVD maybe u seen this part

Koki said ずっとHYPHENいってくれる?
will you guys always be hyphens?
then i’ll always be in KAT-TUN.

He kinda said Haifun or Haifen or something like that

Can u hear? Is that mean Hyphens official now?...