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Making it world wide!
December 15th, 2010 

My first posting in this community.

12/15 R-ONE KAT-TUN's special guest was KAME chan!!

(YouTube & DL): DOUZO~
09:47 am - [Graphics] Icons
Kame [FLIX]
I made some icons! ^^

[23] Kat-tun


More here! Douzo~ ^__^
happy nakame

re-uploading. i made this last june and it got deleted on youtube. Original song was Goodbye by F4 and changed it to KAT-TUN Neiro. I made this during KAT-TUN/Jin/Johnny issue. some of you saw this already~

edit: deleted again on youtube. Copyrights claim by Johnny :-O

download: mf

Hey guys just a reminder, the deadline for submission of entries for the contest is 16 December 2010 at 9am (Japan Time).  Details  HERE

Good Luck to all who are participating. :)

’s “Best Artist 2010” show boasted a powerhouse line-up this year, and KAT-TUN was one of its strongest acts.  Performing "Real Face" and "Going", the group delivered an energetic state that's sure to be one of the night's highlights.  While no awards are doled out at the show, being invited is the award in itself, because it recognizes the artist as one of the best in Japan. Check out KAT-TUN and ALL the other performances: OVER HERE~~~~
kazuya touch

Clip provided by estherzax
Translation credit :
JPN to THA by murasaki_kyokai
THA to ENG by yuijbj

(Click here to read)

If you wanna watch the clip, please go to estherzax 's LJ.   And please, please comment in his/her file's post.   Thanks.
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