November 26th, 2010

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2007.09.22 KAT-TUN "The yellow helmet of happiness" skit (english subs)

Happy Friday! so I was doing some random browsing and saw this "KATTUN Plays Family Skit".  It was done awhile back but I found it to be really funny and a good laugh to start your weekend ;)

Such a pretty family ^.^ :

Kazuya - the father
Jin - the mother
Tatsuya - the grand-father
Yuichi - the 1st son
Koki - the 2nd son
Taguchi - I think he was ill at the time, knee injury :(
Yabu Kouta = the 3rd son

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Resolution: 480x240 (3GP) and 480x360 (MP4)
Duration: 7.36mins
Size: 13.59mb (3GP) and 17.11mb (MP4)
Download Link:
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Vietnamese sub (streaming)---->

Mega (eng sub): HERE (Thx Aimee)

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Let me know if you had a laugh ;)