November 20th, 2010

Question for those who went to this year's concert

What I want to ask is how did KAT-TUN manage to rearrange the songs after Jin left the band? For example in Rescue who sings Jin's lines? Is it Maru ? (like when he says I don't wanna cry alone before Koki's rap) ... which members received Jin's lines or did they do a duo with kame everytime to replace Jin's voice?? Because Kame is a vocal leader and Jin was too so I wonder if the others received more lines. I'm not enjoying the fact that Jin left I just wanna know how they managed. I'm quite aware of the fact that they had to sing  rehearse  and maybe record without Jin so i'm curious how they did that.
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General Nakamaru is an interesting concept that deserves to be introduced to the fandom at large.

If you're  interested in learning more about the man behind the uniform, just sidle on over here

WARNING: This is a crack post, so if there's something you see that you don't like, you are welcome to mutter about it in the secret of your cardboard hate box where I will never hear it. If you see something you do like (i.e. original photo requests will always be granted), then say so b'cos this made especially for you, Maru fan. :D
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Languages on Change Ur World single booklet

Hi all,
I just received my single today~~
* Yippie~~ The Summer Premium event is funny~ XD*

I am interested to know what other languages that they have printed on the booklet.

Can you please let me know?
1) Changez Votre Monde
2) Verändern Sie Ihre Welt
3)Cambie Su Mondu
4)Cambi Il Tuo Mondo Endre Verden
5)Mude Sue Mundo Zure Mundua Aldatzeko
6)Schimba Lumea Voastra
7)Förändra Din Värld

So far I think 2) is German and 7) is Swedish~~ Please correct me if I am wrong.
Thank you very much~~ ^0^

[Fic] You're Not A Clown

Title: You're Not A Clown
Pairing: Kame hints for NaKame, Jin hints for JinKo and JunNo and Ueda hints for KoDa
Rating: PG-15, to be sure
Genre: Humour, friendship
Summary: Koki's a bit strange, badmouthing himself like that. KAT-UN wonders why that is, and intends to find out.
A/N: It's for Koki's birthday! Haha, a little late but whatever! Had to post it in two parts 'cause livejournal wouldn't allow 11,380 words in one journal.

It's going to be a very awkward evening.