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Making it world wide!
November 14th, 2010 
merlin // forest
  eternity_subs  has subbed the Change Ur World Performance on Shonen Club 2010.11.12 over here. Enjoy!

Nakamaru's Page 2010/11/10
No. 616

Koki's birthday present round, Maru forgot to take photos, Kame won, Maru feels crushed by the power of meat, Maru complaining, CUW promo, whee~~

come read <33
종현 ♥ I promise you I’ll stay with you.
First post with icons. Enjoy !

Here @Jukkaime
Maaaa... Koki's birthday presents are so memorable... especially MEAT-kun :D  And because of that, I decided to make a fan-art of them having fun-fun-fun, except for Maru who really was disappointed with the result. LOL. And look for Maru fan art too. :)

Check it at my Afro-wonderland :)


KAT-TUN made a special video appearance on November 13th for the morning news show, ‘Zoom in Saturday‘, in order to promote their upcoming single, ”CHANGE UR WORLD“. While they were on the show, the members also candidly revealed what they’ve been up to these days.

read more and link here @ tesshimassu 

Ponyo jar
The show last night in Houston was AMAZING. I was skeptical about the prices...
But that show was worth every stinkin' penny. :)

I found a full recording of the Chicago show, so I split it up into individual songs.

Find them here at my lj
10:55 pm - 48 icons
♠ wanna be?

{ 48 } icons
                       ( Junno, Tatsuya, Yuichi, Kazuya, Akame, etc.)

→preview ♬♪ 

Here! @ mellow_ciel
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