November 8th, 2010

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[Video] Fancam Yellow Gold 3010 - Chicago

Hey everyone! I managed to sneak a quick fancam with my coolpix at the start of the show last night! It's on my facebook and I made it open to everyone, so you shouldn't have to friend me to see it!!/video/video.php?v=464249432147

Download it on MU!

Comment if you take it and let me know if you post elsewhere! If posting any of it elsewhere, credit me and send me a link to where you posted! I'm curious to watch where it spreads to!


Hi! uhmm. Just wanted to request everyone to vote KAT-TUN in "BILLBOARD JAPAN MUSIC AWARDS 2010" for the category "TOP POP ARTIST 2010" Voting ends on November 11, 2010. It's in Japanese so here's a link for a guide/translation of the questions, provided by fighter_of_moon XD

I don't really know how important this is, but I would just like people in Japan to give recognition to the positivity the boys have been showing amidst all the problems they went through. THANKS IN ADVANCE! ^_^

[FIC] - Dangerous Love [masterpost]

Title: Dangerous Love
Author: aishayue 
Beta: [info]nana_lytama
Pairing: AKAME (Main), Pikame, RyoDa
Genre: PG
Summary: Jin's purpose in life is to hunt down the killer who massacred his entire family, he thinks about nothing but to arrest all killers around; but then, he meets this dangerous person who’s going to mess up his life. Dangerous because he amazes Jin and lethal because he is a beauty with many secrets.
A/N: Happy AkaKame day. Spread the love!

禁じられた愛 - Dangerous Love [Prologue]