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Making it world wide!
November 8th, 2010 
I just got back from the concert in Chicago not so long ago and I have some pictures of the goods.  
They aren't the best quality...sorry, but here you go:
There's more if you go to this link:
There's also a few (bad quality) pictures of him during the concert too.
Check it out.
akanishi jin kat-tun
Hey everyone! I managed to sneak a quick fancam with my coolpix at the start of the show last night! It's on my facebook and I made it open to everyone, so you shouldn't have to friend me to see it!


Download it on MU!

Comment if you take it and let me know if you post elsewhere! If posting any of it elsewhere, credit me and send me a link to where you posted! I'm curious to watch where it spreads to!
Hi! uhmm. Just wanted to request everyone to vote KAT-TUN in "BILLBOARD JAPAN MUSIC AWARDS 2010" for the category "TOP POP ARTIST 2010" Voting ends on November 11, 2010. It's in Japanese so here's a link for a guide/translation of the questions, provided by fighter_of_moon XD

I don't really know how important this is, but I would just like people in Japan to give recognition to the positivity the boys have been showing amidst all the problems they went through. THANKS IN ADVANCE! ^_^
KAME - 離さないで愛
I made a video for them.  I know it`s a little to late but I had school so gomen >_< 
Hope you will like it *worried*

Title: Dangerous Love
Author: aishayue 
Beta: [info]nana_lytama
Pairing: AKAME (Main), Pikame, RyoDa
Genre: PG
Summary: Jin's purpose in life is to hunt down the killer who massacred his entire family, he thinks about nothing but to arrest all killers around; but then, he meets this dangerous person who’s going to mess up his life. Dangerous because he amazes Jin and lethal because he is a beauty with many secrets.
A/N: Happy AkaKame day. Spread the love!

禁じられた愛 - Dangerous Love [Prologue]
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