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Making it world wide!
October 19th, 2010 
12:56 am - RESUME

Many magazines. A lot of Web Pages updating. New single radio ban lifted this week. Music Talk, Galileo Brain Lab and Shokura on our TV slots.

SJ Paris
DDL & previews (sorry, I don't have Ueda's scans ;_; only previews from my mag) HERE
This has probably been posted. But I thinks this is just amazing... how they look alike. Sorry if you don't think so.

First one is Ueda, he looks like Yamamoto Yusuke. LOL!
see more for the rest of the group!Collapse )
I'm so fucking awesome - Reita
I have a new gossip post on Koki over at my journal~ *read it here*

If you find drunken misadventures and people making asses of themselves amusing then come on over - if you find gossip articles exaggerated, encroaching on privacy, or just plain mean, then this is probably not something that will interest you this time around.
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