October 4th, 2010

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Birthday posts go here!
Any "happy birthday" post made to the community after THIS post will be deleted automatically.

Birthday Rules:

1)If you have picspams, downloads, graphics to celebrate his birthday, please comment at this entry.

2)Do not make a new entry.

3) If you have already posted a bday-spam post, just leave it... But only this post will be tagged as a birthday post.

It's that special day of the year :D
Happy Birthday to our dear MousePeace boy! ♥
Have fun posting, everyone! :)
NewS/Kanjani8//Nishikido Ryo - invitatio

[MOD] misbehavin' commenters

Since people apparently canNOT behave themselves in posts regarding Jin:

If you notice someone in a post is bashing, take a screencap and SEND IT TO ME.

Anyone who is caught outright BASHING will be suspended for *AT LEAST* a week. Maybe longer depending on what was said.

I had thought about telling posters to disable comments on their Jin news posts, but I'm not going to punish THEM for someone else not knowing how to behave, nor will I do that to the members here who CAN be mature.

Please note:
I am NOT saying that you have to be happy about the situation.
I am NOT saying that you can't express your unhappiness.

I AM saying to be MATURE about it. THINK about what you're saying, and HOW you're saying it.

That being said:

A blog writer/post is NOT a source unless THEY list their sources as well. Without a source, a blog post/translation is nothing more than a rumor.
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  • yokumiz

fast report of Maru in we'll be together with you!

#Maru showed up in the night one today in Japan. He also went onto the stage and did MC with Jin. They shaked hands first XD

#Maru asked Jin did Jin mention him in the presscon so his name was on newspaper this morning~

#Jin sang Eminem's Lose yourself and Maru did beatbox for him

#A fan wrote 95−25×2+8÷2 as her age in the Q&A sheet, so they started to count and Jin said 25! Maru went shut up! and brought out his cell phone to cauculate~XD

#Maru said Jin Ueda and him were supposed to eat BBQ together but Jin didn't have time. Jin said no it's not my fault. Why blame me because Ueda had to go boxing instead?

#Seems like Maru also mentioned Ueda's birthday.

#When Maru teased Jin that Jin's Japanese was getting worse, Jin attacted back by saying your hair's getting thinner (LOL Jin you are so evil~)

BTW, sorry but I hope the fuss here is over already...what's the point to get so angry with Jin for something he didn't say? Why don't you (I mean some fans here) get a correct translation first before you start bashing him. I'm more amazed how ppl still commentted on the wrong sentence there even after the fixed trans has been posted for hours. I have to agree with some comments (tho not the same intention) saying Jin should be banned here, if it means he can be spared from such thing in the future...  
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"Jin Akanishi, We'll be together with you!" Farewell Party

Dear ladies,

just back from Jin's event, he presented a new song, "Body Talk" (at least I think it's new).
I made a registration with my mobile, I'm sorry that it's not very good, as the bass was noisy. The song was very nice, so I thought to share with you.

It was very sweet, because he asked to the audience if we liked it, and when everybody said yes, he made a very very sweet gesture of happiness.. ^_^

I don't know if this is allowed, as Jin is not KAT-TUN member anymore, I'm not happy at all about this, but I decided to support him when I can..
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And here Eternal, I know that this song has been already shared, but the quality of the sound is not so bad, so..

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INDONESIA : Tatsuya Ueda 27th Birthday Celebration


INDONESIA Let’s have a party for Tatsuya Ueda’s 27th Birthday in Today.

Come and join us, KATTUNesia (Forum KAT-TUN Indonesia), in these gatherings:

Online Gathering

Location : ONE ON ONE thread KATTUNesia

Date : Today, October 4th 2010

Time : 04.00 p.m. till 10.00 p.m.

Theme : "Rabbit or Wolf?"


Offline birthday gathering will be held end 09-10-10 (Bandung, Yogyakarta) 10-10-10 Surabaya.

Further information click http://www.kattunesia.org

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