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Making it world wide!
October 3rd, 2010 
Hi there. This is actually the first part of my project for Uepi's birthday, that was going on for this week. Each day, starting from last Sunday, I made a post of 5 icons, 3 headers and 1 wallpaper for seven different Uepi solos. Now that this part of the project is done, I thought it wouldn't hurt share it here. :3

If you are interested, please check:

7 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: RABBIT or WOLF?
6 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Haruka Mirai e
5 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: DICTATOR
4 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Ai no Hana
3 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Deep Red Drop
2 Days 'till Ueda's Birthday: Marie Antoinette
1 Day 'till Ueda's Birthday: Love in Snow

Second part (a bunch of icons, wallies, banners/headers, and a cake. xD) wil be in my journal tomorrow. :3
Thanks a lot ;*
Jin 2
This is taken from a Japanese blog here


Read on to see which one it will be!Collapse )
仁 | perfect face
The farewell photos are awesome!

For scans, go HERE.
They're not mine, credit as labeled.
Oh noes! - Hana Kimi
Hey guys,

Just little update on the latest 'BLAME JIN!' goss out of Tokyo here at my journal. KAT-TUN mentally unstable?! Yamapi quitting?!?! CHILDREN IN THE WORLD STARVING? Blame Jin!

Public entry so feel free to drop in and join the blame game!
kazuya touch

KAT-TUN has released their brand new song called "CHANGE UR WORLD" yesterday as a new theme to Going! Sports & News.   Should there be an announcement for a single release soon ?

Click for details & music sample @ kt_newsinfo

I'm in love with song so far.   With those drums, pedals, & guitars, it's KAT-TUN style if I'm hearing correctly.   Having planned to grap all the versions if it's a single release. XD~~~

EDIT >> added a sample on youtube.Listen to a youtube uploadCollapse )

tatchan only tatchan XDD
Akame in CK100

Got these from my cousin whose currently in Osaka ^^
So I decided to share this coz it deserves to be scanned in both 600dpi and 1200dpi ;)) *how's that for being an HD freak* ^^




DL Scans from here:
MF: 600dpi / MF: 1200dpi

And a MINI UCHIWA when they are still 6nin HERE

Please credit if you use these, no hot linking please, and you can share just don't claim these as yours ^^ and a good and lovely thank you will make this fangirl happy! ;D
I scanned others, Yamapi HERE ;))

pictures not owned by me...credits goes to pornvilai and on the pics (Remi.K)

i just hope u'll like it...^^..

download link is in my LJ(asylady)
I have a list of newshfan 's posts/links in a document, if there was anything people wanted to download but hadn't been able to before she deleted her journal.

Please go here at saynothingnow  to download the list. There's also some information about a reuploading project.

Crossposted to pretty much all of the major comms--apologies for the spam.
kazuya touch
KAT-TUN World Big Tour 2010 Pamphlet : Taguchi Junnosuke

Translation credits :
JPN to THA by Murasaki_kyokai.
THA to ENG by I am mayfairy & yuijbj.
อ่านแปลไทยได้ที่กระทู้ KAT-TUN Thailand

English translation )
Kame & Ueda-san's talk about the new song on Going! Sports & News.  -their very very short talk-  & trans.


Hi minna, please welcome the following member of KAT-TUN LOVE! *claps

"Hi ^_^

I'm Beth, I'm from Scotland and I just recently joined LJ to meet new people in the fandom.

I've been a fan of KAT-TUN for about a year and a half now and I love all six of the guys, even though I am a teensy bit biased towards Jin."

Please remember that all intros should be left as a comment in the master introduction post. A member welcoming entry is updated on a weekly basis, and it will include those who comment the post in that week. Please feel free to contact us if there is any question regarding anything!

Have a good one people,
spamming with sketch again XDD

Tatchan Tatchan only Tatchan    \^o^/
Another few hours will be Ueda's birthday... So i made a collage if I'm not wrong for his birthday!!!
Click here to view my journal....

Ueda [60]
Kame [24]
Jin [06]
Junno [10]
Koki [23]
KAT-TUN [01]

HERE @ yzu_chan 
KAME - 離さないで愛
Domo~  I wanna wish him a happy "Happy b-day"~
I made his live performance compatible for mobile phones.
Kochi iko yo~   jin-only-one.livejournal.com/4616.html
10:32 pm - body talk mp3
credits goes to cindy223 and pornvilai(source)

will be private in a week.

@ my LJ
 I've made some collage for Ueda's birthday. I don't know how to post some stuffs with here in LJ since I'm just new. Anyways, check my LJ for the collages.



I don't know how the translator of the other article translated about Jin's upcoming US release but this one is straight from TOKYOGRAPH which is a very reliable source.  So I'll post it here:

On Sunday, Jin Akanishi (26) held a fan club event at Zepp Tokyo, his first public appearance in Japan since leaving KAT-TUN in July. During the event, he talked about his U.S. tour this coming November, as well as his plans for next year. At the moment, he is looking to release his next single simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan.

Akanishi performed a total of 8 songs including "Eternal," which is the leading candidate for the upcoming single. He plans to release that single in Japan in early 2011. Johnny's Jimusho is currently in talks with multiple record labels in the U.S. to negotiate a simultaneous release.

Akanishi is also planning a solo album and a Japan tour, though details have not yet been determined.

During the event, Akanishi did not touch on the subject of his departure from KAT-TUN. At the press conference after the event, he explained that he already made his announcement on his blog, so he felt there was no need to talk about it. However, he acknowledged that his withdrawal from the group was very sudden, so he apologized to the other members for the trouble it caused. At the same time, he said he would like to see both KAT-TUN and himself rise up to a higher level as artists together.

Akanishi stated that he hopes to have Japan as his base for his international activities, and he would like to spread out to Europe and other parts of Asia, in addition to the U.S.

Source: Sankei Sports and www.tokyograph.com/news/id-6724
Tatchan, otanjoubi omedetto !!
hope you always in God blessing everyday,
whenever wherever you go,
whatever you do,

I always pray for you, be a good adult ne ^o^
Don't flirt too much coz you know I'm incredibly jealous~

daisuki dayo~


    <--click to my journal

--with love--

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