September 17th, 2010

[Akame] Pirates!

[fanart] Kame

Yet another gift for sweetpaopuwind♥ Because I kinda.. idk xD; Maybe I don't need a reason. Her Kame is a sweetie and my Jin wanted me to do it..? And I'm still making up for not finishing her birthday fic/her writing me an epic novel for mine ;u; And for letting me and Jinnyface take up so much of her tiiime.
Click the preview for the full thing and some stray chibi's~ 83
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Jin's Live in Tokyo

Jin is having his live before departing to America~~~
He is having his lives at Zeppo Tokyo on 3rd OCT and 4th OCT
Of's only open to JFC member

赤西 仁
全米ツアー ファンクラブ壮行会!
We'll be together with you!

Details here ( in Japanese)

Anyone in Tokyo now??? ^^

--Details of Zeppo Tokyo--
Accomodate 2709 guests

Good luck for those who are trying to get the tickets!!! :D
I'm waiting for report...;)

28 Gifs

[ 16 ] BTR
9 - Akanishi Jin (wonder)
2 - Ueda Tatsuya (his solo)
3 - Kamenashi Kazuya (1582)
1 - Tanaka Koki + Tanaka Juri
1 - Akanishi Jin dancing

[ 2 ] LIPS (PV all member)

[ 10 ] various TV shows, concerts, dvd's feat. various members


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