September 6th, 2010


Wow, it's been weeks or months i think since my last post here. It's been hard on me lately. Too busy because of school blaaaaaahs ^_^ finally had some time to end the 3rd poll and start with another one. Well, the 4th poll is nothing new. It's similar to the ranking game I shared with you last time. You won't actually know your ichiban using this poll. I just wanna know who will prefer which member in a face off. I hope you'll participate!

[MOD] Intro: Weekly Update

Hi minna, please welcome the following members of the comm!!! *clap clap clap

"Hajimemashite! Hello everyone! My name is Isabelle and I am from Malaysia. I'll be turning 21 this year and has been a KAT-TUN fan for less than a year. My favourite KAT-TUN member is Kamenashi Kazuya. I fell for him after watching all his dramas. But that does not mean the others does not get my love as well! I love KAT-TUN as a whole. All of them has such great characteristics and individuality! <3 I'm not really into pairings.

Hope I can meet more KAT-TUN fans here as none of my friends are their fans so gushing on about KAT-TUN in front of them can produce little or no results at all... >.< Would love to have more friends to fangirl with. XD

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

"konbachiwa minna~~~
i'm bakachunk from indonesia.
it's been a long time i want to enter this community. but just now i did it.
may be there's nothing i could give to this community but I wish I could...

yoroshiku neee...."

"Hi ^^
Not too new to the KAT-TUN fandom....
and I've been creeping around the comm for way too long ^^"
First listened to KAT-TUN when the Rescue pv was released
Love Kame-chan <3, I call Ueda 'King of the Fairies' and Jin reminds me of a drunk pirate some times X3

I spent my summer watching all of his dramas *has no life*
Other than that, I live in the UK, so the possibility of seeing them in person is almost nil. (though I have been replaying BTR DVD for about 2 months now :D)"

"Hi! My name is Gina and I'm from The Czech Republic... this fact alone means I'm a bit lost over here with no one around knowing ANYTHING about KAT-TUN or JE. That's the reason I joined lj and this community... It's like the whole new world for me full of people who understand me and my ittle obsession with KT (and especially with Kame-chan ^_^)
I've known KAT-TUN for more than two years. Back then I noticed Jin and I though wow, that guy is hot ^_^; (and I can't deny this impression lasts though he is not my ichiban for quite long already) and accidentally a friend recomended me to listen to Real Face single at the same time... so I did and THAT changed my life, literally ^___^

Anyway, I write fics and make chibi wollen dolls based on the pictures of my favorite JE boys (well, now it's more like KT boys but I'm working on it ^_^;; as I learn more about the whole JE industry every day)

Well, think it's all for now. Let's have fun together, ne?"

I'm Gabi and I'm KAT-TUN's fan since February.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
My ichiban is Kame, but I like all members. I love their music because it makes me feel more energetic and it touches my soul. I'm so happy, that I've found KAT-TUN. I hope, that in future they'll be better (if it's possible) and more rocky and more lovely.
KAT-TUN also made me total fangirl, but I don't mind - all for them ;) I hope to meet a lot of friends with similar interests.
Let's love them together!"

Please be reminded that all intro posts should be left as a comment in the master introduction post. This member introduction entry is updated on a weekly basis and will include those who introduce themselves in that week. Please feel free to contact us if there is any question about...anything!:)

Will be back with more intros next week,

Nakamaru in Hancho 3 ~Review~

I just finished watching the 10th episode of Hancho 3 with Nakamaru in it. Of course I watched in raw (on keyhole) and I am crying like hell. I just can't believe this ending.
(please don't read if you still wanna watch it 'cause this is a huge spoiler)
BUT the final scene with Yucchi in it, was this one:

Nakamaru was crying and saying "I don't know what I am living for. I don't know." (I can understand this much). How the hell can they let it end like that?... are they nuts? Do they want to kill us fangirls?

Well, but I must say that I was totally amazed by Nakamaru's acting skills. He really did a great job. And his voice sounded soo different. Really manly~

so what do you think?

(I wish the one hugging Nakamaru in this pic was Akanishi)

I hope I posted that right, 'cause I didn't know where this topic belonged to. Gomen~ if I did anything wrong :(