September 1st, 2010

  • cease11

Fancam: Dentist skit on YT

Just a heads up: A fancam of the Dentist skit is up on Youtube.

Kame 'eats' Maru XD
'Wo ai ni' 'Ni ai wo ma?'

Found this while stalking KT on Youtube, it's absolutely hilarious. I've been looking for a fancam of this after reading the lovely fanreports.
Let me know if it's already been posted.

Taiwan Concert fancam
Credit: zuoshi7718 at Youtube. Thank the original uploader.

Youtube Link:


Tittle: Promise Song
Pairing: None, but KAT-TUN
Genre: Friendship
Note: I was inspired by my favorite fic writer. but she wrote her fic almost in indonesian. you can find her @
it was for the credit too.... thanks for her for inspiring me
Summary: Jin left KAT-TUN, Who should be blamed about this? *suck at the summary*

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CHAPTER 1 Collapse )

Going black and white
  • aozora7

Tanaka Koki talks about KAT-TUN’s first world tour (interview translation)

What began on July 16 as “KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2010 PART 2: WORLD BIG TOUR” has taken KAT-TUN to their first overseas concert.  Oricon Star caught up with Koki Tanaka (24) before the group’s Taiwan concerts.

"We started as KAT-TUN.  We’re not NEWS or Kanjani8, we’re KAT-TUN.  I’m willing to give my life for this."

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possible project?

Hey everyone!!~
I was just lurking around the Chinese comms today, and I wondered if anyone would be interested in making a fan magazine? It seems like a pretty cool idea to me if we had the mags printed and it's a good place to showcase your talents too! ^_^
Just my thoughts, if anybody is interested, I've posted more details at my journal!~

ps. dear mods, please delete if this isn't allowed!!>_