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Making it world wide!
August 20th, 2010 
happy nakame
Concert good list update from Super Dome site

Pamphlet: NTD800 ※The cover paper is different from the Japanese one. Chinese translation inside.
Poster: NTD300 ※Limited ver. for Korea and Taiwan concert.
Uchiwa(fan): NTD200 ※The front photo is the same as the Japanese one. The back is overseas concert info.
Folder: NTD200 ※Limited ver. for Korea and Taiwan concerts.
Cell Phone Strap: NTD800 ※Limited ver. for Tokyo and Osaka concerts.

If anyone can translate this, thank you

attached photoCollapse )
Hello MINNA ^_^

I want to make some winamp skins but just can't decide by myself what kind and made a poll to see others opinion so can you please give me a hand if you're interested ^__^ Sankyu  

You can vote here :  http://kat-tun-4-ever.livejournal.com/7670.html
 I'm so in love with this song these days... I've been listening to it again and again and again and again... ^^
I looked for the lyrics here and didn't find... --"
So I decided to post it!

It's my first time posting lyrics here so sorry if make any mistakes... --"

* here to the song *
Soooo!  Thanks to dee_pa who requested (and provided files) for me to sub about chibi-jin's path to winning Jr Fight (and resulting in that Okinawa trip) back in 2000.  It's basically clips of the Jr Fight section from Shounen club merged together.  They play some fun games!  And looks like bringing Kame along wasn't actually Jin's idea.....lol

So here is the first section of that video (8 minutes)

raw video
soft subs

hard sub

Wow..... it seems like it happened several lifetimes ago.  But at the same time some things don't change all that much (like how touchy feely chibi-kame is xP)  So yeah, enjoy :)
07:33 pm - 7 wallpapers
kylie minogue - secrets
I did 7 wallpapers, all Kat-tun related.

Preview :

more here. Please, leave a comment when taking ^^





「おいしそうな物があればサッと食べてしまうのは確かに 認める。でもそれはオレに言わせれば、ほかの人がさっさと食べないのが原因だと思うんだよね。この前も中丸とふぐを食べてみるときに、あいつがまだ2切れ しか食べてないのを見て〝あれ、残してるの? だったら食べちゃうよ♥″って、お皿にあったふぐを全部一気に食べちゃったしね。結論としては、取られたく なければオレの前にご飯を置かないほうがいいってことだー!(笑)」



「今は、リハが本格的に始まったところ。演奏を務めてく れるFiveに加えて、ストリングスやサックスも加入することになったから、前回以上に幅広いジャンルの曲を届けられるんじゃないかな。ライブとして聞か せる部分だけじゃなく、ショーとして見て楽しませる分など、いろいろあるから期待しててほしいね。火とか水とか・・・これ以上は本番のお楽しみってことで (笑)。ソロでは初めての地方公演ができるのも楽しみ!」


credit pic:  KT-5ing
Indonesia translation: iwip@kattunesia.org
english translation: me ^^

i've always wanted a toy!KAT-TUN, so i made one myself. i spent TWO days for this little guy! (>_<)
can you guess who he is? i want to see if he is recognizable (=^^=)

more details and pictures here. warning: blog-type. not really interesting or KT-related.
Aponashi was with a 13 year old girl . With Kame imitating Pokemon's Pikachu on the phone  (^_^)(^_^)(^_^)
Check it out

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