August 15th, 2010


SURABAYA : Watching Together Akanishi's Movie "BANDAGE"

Minna san... come and join us in :
watching together KAT-TUN no Akanishi Jin's movie

Tuesday,  17 August 2010 at 12.00 p.m. (on time)
at Unicorn , Surabaya, INDONESIA

Since Akanishi Jin birthday is the same with USA independence day July 4th so we choose Indonesia independence day August 17th to do this activity wkwkwkwkwkkw *joke*

PS : HAPPY 65th Anniversary for my lovely  INDONESIA!!

[MOD] Intro: Weekly Update

Hi minna, please welcome the following members in KAT-TUN LOVE! *claps

Andreea desu!! I'm from Romania and I've known about KAT-TUN for about a year and a half but never thought i would get so into them. Now, it's a routine to open the internet and just see things related to them everyday. It's gotten into my blood so I can't stop it anymore.
They are the only one's that actually caught me into a fandom and I love them all. Wish they were mine though...but since they aren't... I'll just be the day to day fangirl.
I've been around LJ for a while and almost all I know about them I found it out from thank you.
I've decided to Join and then maybe try to bring something too.
Since they are so awesome [ well...Kame is Ero...Taguchi is silly, Koki is pretty nice, Ueda-sama is cuteeeeeeee~~~~:X and Maru..well..he is just being himself.. ] , I hope we can all enjoy them together.

"Hi all,nice to meet you,my name’s SubaruNee…
Im new on Livejournal but im not new on KAT-TUN Fandom and I always read KAT-TUN Love *LOL*
Im Indonesian Girl who Love KAT-TUN,I Love AkaKame,KoKame,AkaMaru,and TaNaka,but I love them individually too…
It’s has been 4 years I know them,I mean,I know KAT-TUN from Real Face,and I love them from Keep the Faith XD
Jya,Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!! *bow*"

"Hi everyone! I'm Joey and I'm from Singapore.
I became a Kame fan after watching Kami no Shizuku... and becos' of him, became a KAT TUN fan... the boys rock and i love them! :)

I'm very new to all these so please show me the ropes...

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Mata ne!"

"Hi everyone!
My name is Lâl, but you can call me Ruby. & i'm from Turkey.
I'm a fan of KAT-TUN for a while, i think after i watched YamaNade. I'm new on LJ, i can make mistakes, so please correct me! (:
So.. that's all i can say i guess!
Nice to meet you all! (:"


I'm a newbie in this community...!
I've known KAT-TUN since last year, but back then i was so busy with my study and upcoming examination(i'm 17 now..^_^)...
anyway, i love KAT-TUN for their musics and of course, their dorkiness...!
they have their own way of member-ai... and i really love how they express their love towards each other... <3
my ichiban, of course our dear tat-chan..!! he's super cute..!!(^o^)v
anyway, i love them all equally although tat-chan will always be my first priority... hehe..
and recently, nakamaru has conquer the 2nd place in my heart after tat-chan... he's just so adorable...~

i wish by posting this, i'll get to know many friends who have the same interest as me...~^___^v~

so,yoroshiku ne...!!~


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Have a great one,


Minna! Here's the result for the 2nd poll. It has less participants than the first one though *sobs* but yeah, at least there are still a lot who participated. Thank you for those people!

Go here to check it out

I'll be doing my 3rd poll now... I'll post it later. I hope this time, many of you will participate again! Yoroshiku ne~


Yey! I can't believe I made my 3rd poll already... I did it because I know a lot of people are enjoying. BUT, after anwering this poll, will you still enjoy? *evil laugh* Well, let's see. For the past polls, we've been talking about how good-looking they are and how perfect KAT-TUN's performances are. THIS TIME, we'll talk about how BAD they are ^_^ It's like the opposite. You can call it their negative side if you want to. But for me, I'll just call it their OTHER SIDE.

Go HERE to Vote! 

Hope everyone will participate! ^_^