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Making it world wide!
August 6th, 2010 
12:14 am - Some Headers
 I'm back. After realizing how plain and simple my first 3 NMP headers looked like, I made another 5... but it's not about NMP anymore. I think these are much better though.


All are 800x400.
[1] kamenashi X akanishi X ueda
[1] Kamenashi Kazuya
[2] Akanishi Jin
[1] Ueda Tatsuya

Get you headers HERE at jedoesntsuck 

And BTW, the results for MY KAT-TUN POLL will be posted this Sunday (I'm quite excited for it)
I will post another poll on Sunday as well so watch out for it!
For those who haven't voted yet, go HERE

雄一☆君が教えてくれたkey of life
A friend linked me to a transcript of the latest R-One KAT-TUN, and because it's utterly hilarious, I decided to translate and share 8D

Fujoshi - Fujoshi (腐女子, lit. "rotten girl") is a pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Fujoshi enjoy imagining what it would be like if male characters from manga and anime, and occasionally real-life male performers as well, loved each other.

Now that you know what you're getting into... 8D

(Ue-sama, Ojisama, good evening)

Source: R-ONE KAT-TUNに静かに燃える主婦
happy nakame

Edit: Is that only for the fanclub members?

Found some video links at XQ. Woot! Wishing for a successful concert today and tomorrow!

» v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTk1NTkyMDA0.html
» v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTk1NTUzMDI4.html

photoCollapse )
Kitty Cat (=^_^=)

Domo!! Hisashiburi (^^)/

Today I finaly bring you guys this project I had been planning on doing for a while now
and finaly finished it!! took me 5 days demo i finaly did it!! anyways~ its 50  reasons to love
KT even more (: its kinda of a mini picspam so if interested please click here

Mods if I tagged it wrong please let me know so I can fix it arigatou gozaimasu m(_ _)m
sleeping tat-chan <3
R-One KAT-TUN #227 20100803
'Ueda Nakamaru Soudan shitari saretari'

fans answer questions from ueda, and the existence of (way too many) yaoi fans in the KAT-TUN fandom is being revealed to the two innocent boys xD

( ueda is aware that he is wonderful )


There are two new items in the Johnny's shop for KAT-TUN

Keitai strap: Purple (The one that they sold at dome was red and black)


I will try to upload pictures.

Kame [FLIX]
Hello minna ^^
I made some wallies ^^

[3] Akanishi Jin
[2] Kamenashi Kazuya


More here! Douzo~
Title: Someday This Will Fade
Pairing: RyoDa
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 0.925
Summary: What becomes the worth of a man blinded by love, hoping for the past moments to someday return.
Author’s Note: This is my first fanfic in nearly 5 months and this story is what I came up with. The fanfic contains diluted images of the mature themes (abuse/rape) illustrated in the story. Please do note that I do not condone any of these themes illustrated in the work. Thank you and as always, comments and criticisms are always welcomed.

Someday this will fade, this feeling of love that I have for you ...
You & J send mail today that they will add 1 more show on the last day  (Oct 3) in Kobe. show time wil be at 12.00.

maybe it's becoz Tatchan's BD and Kame said in con that he and Koki will go. hahaha

[60] Taguchi Junnosuke
[17] Kamenashi Kazuya
[09] Akanishi Jin


All of them >>HERE<<
Stop by!
So I am wondering are there actually any HK KT fan clubs and stuff?
I know a lot of Taiwan websites and stuff, but I just thought it would be nice to get to know some HK KT fans, since I live there :)

So, are there any fans out there who can tell me any HK Fan Clubs/Websites/Communities?
Thanks loads in advance :)
Title: The One Where Jin's Hungry
Pairing: slight JinDa, AKame and NakaNishi.
Genre: Humor
Summary: What will Jin do to get some food?

"I'll give you a a lapdance."
Just read some of the repo from a couple of fan blogs and twitters

1. SOLO (Only Kame and Ueda changed)
Kame- Kizuna and Lost My Way
Junno- Love Music
Koki- Make You Wet Chapter 2 (w/o the bed)
Ueda- Hana no Mau Machi with piano
Yuichi- understanable〜key of life〜shooting star〜FILM

During Kizuna, Kame asked the fans to sing together

2. Encore
1st- NMP w/o the horses but with hot dance from PV (horses on the screen),
SMILE and changed some lyrics to Korean
2nd- Going

3. There is Nakamaru Clinic

4. Last song- Bokura no machi de
Korean fans organized this surprise event for the members.
During this song, they flipped this blue card that says "I will follow you my whole life(一生ついて行くよ)"
Everyone got one and appearantly KAT-TUN was very surprised and touched by this activity.
Yuichi even took one of the card back
Koki and Junno cried
Kame was about to cry and said "I'm happy to be KAT-TUN (KAT-TUNで幸せ)
After SMILE, Junno cried and said, "It's great to come to Korea!(韓国来てよかった)"

Korean fans are amazing!!!!
They really made KAT-TUN feel welcome and touched!!!!
I wish they could put all this into DVD!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Korean fans!!!!!!
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