July 21st, 2010


a support message for KAT-TUN

I guess it's pretty official now that Jin is leaving KAT-TUN.
It's a hard time for us but i'm sure it's even harder for the 5 members, and maybe for Jin too.
How about letting the boys know that we're supporting them and will always support them no matter how many members they have left by sending them a message to their radio shows.
A short and simple supportive (not blaming or bashing) message would be nice. 

If you think this is a good idea, here's the address:
KAT-TUN style (Junno & Koki): kat-tun@allnightnippon.com
Kase by Kase (Kame): kazuya@allnightnippon.com
R-ONE KAT-TUN (Ueda & Maru): kat-tun@joqr.net
(source: JOR comm)

I've just sent one to R-One, and one to KAT-TUN Style yesterday, hope it'll come across them :)
KAT-TUN forever <3

If it is true....??!!

I am writing this because I need to..I have been thinking about jin..kat-tun..and reading some of the fans comments..all of them made me feel there is something missing...something not right ( regarding jin sitaution).. untill now I do not beliefe that jin is leaving not because I don't want to it just his words in his j-web did not have ( a leaving word).. called me crazy but untill I hear something from his mouth or press conference then I will say good luck jin..and I will never forget the wonderfull days...
Second, I really want to know the truth which of course I will never know it..if jin leaves.. is it his decision ( we all know that he want to do solo in US and other places..but the leaving is it really his!!!).. I am wondering beacuse I can not forget his words of saying " I will be back "..!! from the begining he said he will be back so why changing now??!!! I may not find the answer but I really want to write it down to reliefe my brain from thinking...
Third, if it is true " leaving" we know the reaction of the fans but I am thinking of the member ( even if I liked kat-tun and know them, watch them as 6) I really can not imagine their feelling in this moment ( many years together.. hard time..happy time..all kinds of it) since 2001 untill now??
Also, I will be selfish but I do not want him to leave beacuse we know them as 6 not 5 and watch them as 6 no 5 and we loved them as 6 not 5 .... I really love kat-tun.. kat-tun will not be kat-tun if one person leaves (any one).. I have dreams and I want to follow them so I know that jin want to follow his dream and I am not againt that..in contrary I am with him but I am not with him in leaving decision..I do not know if it will works but why can not he doing both?? Is not kat-tun dreams his dreams also??!! as an indiviual you have your dreams but what about your band is not their dreams also your dreams??!! I know that no one can answer me other than jin but my minds full of thoughts and confused and having this felling of something is not right....
to make it clear I liked kat-tun as kat-tun and i will still like them as kat-tun even if jin's leaving is true.....
last thing if jin is leaving I really want him the best..and luck..and hardworking beacuse he will need them especially if he want to make his name through this industry in US.. like we all know  it is really difficult to have  a name in US music industry...so good luck in your future steps..


kat-tun I know you're the best..and for me you will always be....
PS: I am not angry about the leaving (if it is true) not because jin was not important to me..it is because being angry will not be fair for the other members... and being angry will not help any of us..I am in shock that all I am felling right know.. 

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Seats at Kyocera Dome

 Hello everyone (:

I was just wondering would anyone be able to help me with my question ^^ I was browsing through ticket.co.jp and some tickets were written as Gate 4 and some were written as Gate 4 stands. Are they the same or is it a indicator as to whether the seats are on the upper tier or lower tier?

Thanks for answering!


Free Tickets for Tokyo Dome on 24th July

Dear all,

I'll be at the concert in Tokyo Dome on 24th July, and I'll have 3 tickets that I don't need.
They are not very good places, I'm afraid, only section D7, but I'll give them for free, if any of you ladies is interested.

I really appreciate all of you members of this wonderful community, I think if I can help someone to be there, it's good. Especially in times like this..

Just drop me a comment and we can agree about where to meet, I'll be there around 16:00

I hope this kind of post is allowed, if not I apologies to the mods.


EDIT: Tickets are all gone now. I'm Sorry!
Thank you all for your lovely comment!

See you at the concert ^^

KAT-TUN rumors?!

Gomenasai If I'm kinda late .. i found out about the rumors some days ago but couldn't say anything because i was out of town with no internet >_< If this is not allowed then the mods are free to delete it... Just wanted to say my opinion after the whole madness!

 Fake cute on the rumors here .....WARNING! bad language against Johnny!
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Just a little message for Jin

Just a little message for Akanishi in reponse to his Manual yesterday ^_^


click to read or to share the love <33

Perhaps we can circulate these kinds of posts. To reassure him, the rest of KAT-TUN, too, that our support is still alive and kicking and that we'll keep the faith <3 And keep our CDJapan favourite artist updates on them and etc. etc. XD

[Fic] While It Rains

Title: While It Rains
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 I guess...
Warnings: Depressive Jin! Sorry, guys!
Summary: What do the guys of KAT-TUN do on their day off, while it rains?

Notes: I wrote this a while ago, so it's not like I made Jin depressive because he's leaving KAT-TUN. (I did it 'cause I like angsty!Jin for some reason.)

Peace. Disaster. Freedom. Pleasure. Sadness. Relaxation.