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Making it world wide!
July 18th, 2010 
no more pain kame

hey guys! bad time to translate I know, but...well hopefully this exaggeration will make everything seem a little less serious. =) If you have a weak heart please don't read it, you know how messed up HK news is O.o

Come here!!!
01:42 am - KAT-TUN & JIN
KAT-TUN loves Jin.
Jin loves KAT-TUN.
I made a post about that.
If you wanna take a look at it, here are the links :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

It's quite long ^^
Akame in CK100

Heys guys just wanted to share this, let us all still keep it positive, yeah! ~

K.A.T.T.U.NCollapse )

Everyone please spread out KAT-TUN LOVE! <3


Title : Change
Author : ryo_anne 
Word count : 864
Pairing : Akame? (friendship)
Rating : G
Summary : Koki called Jin after their concert last night.
Author's note : This piece is somehow my point of view of the whole thing; you might not agree with me.

Those words Kame did not believe at all. 
Hi there, I was watching some SS501 back from 2009 that freaked me out, not for the Love Like this song itself....but please go to my journal for more info >_< this is odd!!! 

There are quite a few (actually more than quite a few) rude (borderline-rude/down-right rude) comments in the comm in these few days because of Jin's rumour. I would like to ask all of you to refrain yourselves from posting bashing comments against Jin and comm members. This is a KAT-TUN community, and we encourage friendly discussions and supports from all of you. I understand that most of us are worried, disappointed, frustrated and want all KAT-TUN members to stay together, but there is no need to point fingers at anyone here. Please understand that all bashing comments, whether or not they are toward Jin or comm members, will be deleted immediately.

A personal note: wherever Jin will end up is Johnny's decision. There is nothing we can do about it, and it is not KT-TUN or A's fault. No one here is Jin, so he/she cannot speak for him.


Break through that wall and go forward, this was said by Tanaka Koki recently, and I'm thinking fans could use this sentiment to raise their spirits.

Fandom is not about woe and angst. So this is what I propose: a discussion about the positive aspects about this somewhat final decision of Jin leaving the group.

Of course, there's no hate allowed. The focus isn't on why this happened or who's to blame, but rather on the the benefits gained (by both Jin and KT) if it does happen. I think fans need to start moving forward and realize that KT possibly losing a member isn't the end of the world KT or Jin.

Let's get Going!Collapse )
06:45 pm - JIN HEADER
- tegoshi, yamapi
- jin


HERE @ random_abstract
kstew relaxed

Hello, I amso  sorry, but can I please ask a big favour in the form of advice? I have suddenly found I might be able to go to the live at Tokyo Dome on July 24th (Saturday). I urgently need advice about tickets, on these points:

How can I get tickets? What's the cheapest way? How much would the cheapest tickets be? And how long is the live usually? It starts at 6pm and ends....?
~ cheapest way to obtain tickets
~ probable price of tickets
~ length of concert

Thank you so much for any help you can give, as soon as possible please! I am on a super busy stay in Japan right now, but I have suddenly found that I'm free and in Tokyo on that evening, (my very last night in Japan, I'm flying home the next day!), so if there's any possibility, please help me see the boys! I want to support them at this difficult time!

Thank you so much!!
Hi minna

with all the depressing news I needed some love and want to share the output with you. Although you probably aren't in the mood now ^_^'

[2] JinRu
[4] NaKame
[1] hot MaruDa
[1] TaNaka
[5] Nakamaru

[3] JinRu
[9] NaKame
[2] TaNaka
[2] MaruDa
[1] JunnoMaru
[1] Koki
[1] Maru


Please visit here @ my lj teshi_love 

* chesh
Here is the third weekly fanfic update for July!

Title: The Love Chat Story
Author: kamepi_chan
Pairing: Akame/Ryoda
Chapter Updated: 5

Please do not comment here with your updates. All fic updates should be posted to the the monthly update post. If you're not sure how to make a master post for your chaptered fic, check here ^^

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask:)

~♥~ Vix
My defence on everything that's happening. It's not a hate post ^___^ and it's not that long

"as the Utaban host once said, KAT-TUN aren't girls you can come back to when you're bored. KAT-TUN as a group is awesome, Jin shouldn't play with their dignity, and I'm sure he wont, because he's not a bad person."

main message: Let them do what they want & keep supporting them eitherway

if interested? come read <33
11:38 pm - icons
Kamenashi Kazuya[12]
Ikuta Toma[12]
Yamashita Tomohisa[12]
---total [52]


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