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Making it world wide!
July 16th, 2010 

HD-Cuts from Shonen Club 07/09. Including "N.M.P", "Smile" and the talk part. If interested go HERE
12:25 am - RESUME

Next Orisutas. New magazine for Kame. Some concert goods. BANDAGE in Hong Kong. Kame in Doribo. Maru attacks! beware next R-One XD. Small view of the new Famikura Birtday messages.

HERE at tsuyaka 

A wallpaper for each member { here }


These are clean and simple layouts  as that is my style. Hope you enjoy and if you like please comment they help me figure out what direction to go for new wallpapers.


Nakamaru's Page 2010/07/12
No. 564

mentions of voting in elections, of end of SA World Cup, how he'll support Japan for everr [who'd have guessed? XD] , about dress rehearsals for the dome concerts, how it's going 'ideal', how TOUGH uni assignments are getting!, and stew eaters in R-One?

come read <33
Ryokura 「大倉忠義 x 錦戸亮」

If you want to download, please. go here ^^
Jya ne~ (^o^)v
Niou: Magic! *smirks*
Hi everyone!

I made a little gif-spam on shounen club as the title states.

Each member have at least 1 gif ~

Check it out here
hey! i just found this clip of sum taiwan fans leaving messages for kat-tun on mtv taiwan! =D

i think this is part of the taiwan campaign avex is conducting, by letting fans in taiwan leave messages for the guys! =)

after their successful trip & great welcome from fans & media in korea, i'm so happy to see sum warm greetings from their taiwanese fans too! =D i can't wait till they get to taiwan n meet the fans at the concerts! =)
i wonder if they're gonna guest on any taiwanese shows? since they went on mnet countdown in korea... 

fufufufufu.... this is what I call fun XD
i found this pic :P *and a litle editing*
but it's true junjun lay beside tatchan. hontou ni!!!

well i found some of junda more.
but too lazy to upload one by one, so I made rar for that

(click here ^^)
ST:DS9 - Jadzia -by squishcreations
Here are two pictures I took this morning.

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Right now there is so much news about Johnny going into the Kat-tun concert and talked about Jin and his solo artist career in the US. Thing is, lots of us think it's weird how Johnny would even turn up at a concert in front of thousands of fans when practically no one has ever seen his face!! So I'm just wondering if anyone has a fan report for that concert where Johnny was 'reported' to be seen in? I'm not exactly sure what date it was but I think it might have been the 16th?

Yeah, I'm getting really tired of reading all the reports about Jin but I'm sure 99.9% are worried or interested in this topic right now =.=
KAT-TUN's Jin Akanishi (26) will officially graduate from the group later this year, it has been announced. During KAT-TUN's concert at the Tokyo Dome on Friday night, Johnny's Jimusho president Johnny Kitagawa said that the final decision will be made after Akanishi's U.S. tour this fall, but at this point it appears to already be guaranteed.

Since May, Akanishi has been in the United States, working on his solo career. He performed concerts in Los Angeles in June, and he has scheduled a 7-city tour for September and October. Kitagawa also revealed that Akanishi is already planning further concerts for 2011. Meanwhile, KAT-TUN has been continuing as a 5-member group, just as they did when Akanishi temporarily left in 2006 to study abroad.

Kitagawa explained that right now, the focus is only on Akanishi becoming successful in the U.S. He said that it would be too soft on Akanishi to let him return to KAT-TUN as a fallback if he doesn't succeed. It would also be unforgivable to KAT-TUN fans to have Akanishi dragging the group on, or returning the same way he did in 2007.

Kitagawa once again assured fans that KAT-TUN is not breaking up. Although the group's name is based on the initial characters of the members' names, it is said that Akanishi's "A" will be replaced by extending Kazuya Kamenashi's "K" to "KA." There are no plans to bring in a new member, as Kitagawa stated that there is no need to have six people in the group. He said that the five remaining members are currently doing fine without Akanishi.

Source: www.tokyograph.com/news/id-6357

It's ALMOST OFFICIAL already, guys..I can't say I didn't see this coming..
CQL WY (Anime)
Quick and dirty translation of an article from today. Apologies for errors.
Image of article behind cut.Collapse )

KAT-TUN's Kamenashi: "There is no break-up."

On the 16th, KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Kouki, Nakamaru Yuuichi, Taguchi Junnosuke and Ueda Tatsuya responded to interviewers' questions before their concert at Tokyo Dome.

The five answered questions for the first time since member Akanishi Jin has devoted himself to solo activities. Kamenashi commented, "We are very sorry that we caused the fans worry. But since there's definitely no break-up or anything like that, please be reassured." Tanaka also laughed and said, "We're not going to let that (a break-up) happen."

Again, when Kamenashi was asked, "Will there be a linking up (with Akanishi) for concerts?", he laughed and answered, "We haven't heard from him at all. Is he in Japan right now?"

But the five say they support Akanishi's solo activities. Kamenashi said, "I heard that the L.A. performances were a success, and because it's always been Akanishi's dream and intention, that's great. I think that at such a time, tying him to our activities as KAT-TUN would be ridiculous. Both individual activity and activity as members are equally important to us."

The tour has ten performances planned, in Tokyo, Korea, Taiwan etc.
10:53 pm - GIFS
[ 7 ] Akanishi Jin in LA footage
[ 4 ] KAT-TUN in Korea (1x Kamenashi, 1x Taguchi)


more over here @ cutedorkylove 

These are what I can provide now.Some of them are repeated and I just put a larger and more clear version.
 I am still collecting other newspapers.

And these are the TV news
Thanks to estherzax04

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11:40 pm - RESUME
yo dormida

About Concerts (Ueda and KAT-TUN)

Here at tsuyaka 
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