July 15th, 2010


KAT-TUN & Lady Gaga...

Ok, so I made this quite some time back, but I've had little time for myself subsequently in order to self-pimp or to possibly shoot myself in the foot for that matter.

I and a few other fans saw some similarities between Lady GAGA's Alejandro vid and KAT-TUN's No More Pain PV and I took it upon myself to find out if this is true. 

If you're a lurker on KAT-TUN-friendly youtube, you've probably already seen the result. If you haven't, I've prepared it for your viewing enjoyment.

Just hop on over this way

Disclaimer: Fangirling is srs bsns, but wank isn't so...please don't kill me over this;
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Fast Food Johnnys

Hi everybody!

I made a fanvid that I thought I'd like to share. It's to the song "Fast Food Song" by Fast Food Rockers.

I made the Johnnys seem like fast food lol because there are so many different groups/members and they are addictive just like mcd's lol I of course included cms of advertisements that they did for the fast food chains mentioned in the song. The groups I included into the video are: kat-tun (of course), Arashi, NewS, Tackey&Tsubasa, Hey! Say! Jump, NYC, and Toma.
For the part of the song asking about any sauces, I put the jrs lol (even though they debuted recently theyre still jrs to me lol)

Anyways! Enough of my rambling lol hope you enjoy the video. And if you want the bigger hq version of the video let me know and I will upload :)

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[mod] weekly member introductions update

Minna konbanwa! It is the time of week to introduce new members of the community. Everyone, please welcome the following members~~~*clap

"Hello. :)
I really don't have a KAT-TUN icon so... I fail. XD

Hi there KAT-TUN lovers. Yukiru here. :D
I got into the KAT-TUN fandom after I saw Maru's weirdness on SC. And also his epic beatboxing skills

Other than Maru, I'm starting to like Kame as well, (and of course, the whole group).
Recently, I can't stop listening to Going!

So, I hope you accept me warmly in this fandom yo. :)"

"Hi everyone!

My name is Jessica, but most people call me Jess. I'm 17, an American, and right now i am looking forward to Jin COMING TO CHICAGO! (If you can't tell, i'm completely psyched :D)

How i got into KAT-TUN... well, one of my friends burned me their CD's last summer, and i listened to the music and liked it but i wasn't quite in love with it at the time. It was only this spring that I got addicted... and then the fangirling began :P

My favorite member is Kamenashi :) but i love them all! Their ranking for me changes like daily... But i'm pretty sure Kame will always be my #1. XD

I really look forward to meeting everyone and making some friends. Feel free to add me!"


My name is Livia, call me Liv if you want to.
Just think it's appropriate to introduce myself properly here..
(Since I stalk this community a lot.. :D)

I first fall in love with Kame from Yamanade, then introduced to KAT-TUN. My favorite will be Akanishi though, he got my heart with his cute broccoli hair:)

And now, I am a helpless fan loving everything they do.:)
So, hope we'll get to know each other in this community. Do add me! I'd love to have a chat with other KAT-TUN lover.<3"


Hi, I'm a newbie Kat-tun fan (for 6 months :) from Philippines) and I started to like them because of their pv "Lips". Then, the rest is history. I watched their PV, Con, and Dramas dutifully and I didn't realized that I'm falling for them more and more. (I don't know why but I really cried for Kame at Nobuta Wo Produce ~ kinda embarrassing ne?)

And now, my day won't be complete without listening to their songs. KAT-TUN's very versatile in terms of singing, they can dance, do acrobats, can act, host and everything. (So we can't help but to say ~ kyaaaaa! :) )

My ichiban is Maru-kun because he is funny, good at MC-ing & beatboxing, and verrrryyy kawaiiiii and IDOL-like :)

Next is Kame :)

I hope to meet awesome fangirls here :) arigatou"

Please keep in mind that all intro posts should be left as a comment in this introduction post. Master member welcoming entry is updated on a weekly basis. The post will include members who commented on the introduction post in that week. If there is any question regarding member introduction, please do not hesitate to contact us :)!

Until next week,

[PICSPAM] AKAME paparazzi - part 2

Hello everyone,

As I promised, I am posting part two with more AKAME pictures.
Part 1 it's here http://community.livejournal.com/kattunlove/6367668.html
Please enjoy them!

Collapse )And there are so many more others to come. ^_~

Thank you all for your amazing comments, they made me so happy.
I am so sorry for not being able to answer. Y_Y

Have a great day, everyone!
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[Master post] To the end of the world [Complete]

Title: To the end of the world
Author: ayu_t
Pairing: Taguchi Junnosuke x Ueda Tatsuya
Genre: Medieval!AU, romance, angst, violence (sort of)
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Summary: After not seeing each other for many years, prince Tatsuya and Junnosuke, now a royal guardsman, meet again and fall in love. However, their relationship is bound to end at some point, when the prince has to take his father's place against his will. What will they do when the King takes the decision of setting a battle between Tatsuya and Kazuya, his little brother, to see who of them shall be his actual successor?
Notes:  At last I finished writing this. I started in February, but didn't finish until last month -.-u Actually, right now I'm not such a KAT-TUN fan, so I suppose that's why it was difficult to continue writing. But because I love the story and wanted to complete it so bad, here it is XD Thanks a lot to [info]eve_sparda and [info]titosuco for reading it before and giving me the final push to post it here <3 I hope you like it :3 Comments are love!

Part I ~ { the beloved past } ~Destiny, after all, is unavoidable. )
Part II ~ { a confession } ~ Love and hate are the two sides of a heart. They hurt in the same way. )
Part III ~ { aftermath } ~ To hope is to be brave. To be brave is to hope. )