July 9th, 2010

  • erime

[fanart] akame: rabbit or wolf

this is what happens when you listen to N.M.P.s solos too much while reading an akame fanfic. and after receiving news that akame is geting married.

it's rabbit!kame and wolf!jin. kinki akame decided to switch roles and tried a little furry too.
i know i failed at jin's hair. i'm not really sure how it looks like now.
i hope kame's undies doesn't look too familiar XD
and, nakamaru wouldn't approve of an eggplant exposure so i had to censor it.. *whisper* want an uncensored version? uwaaa..
jin: WOOF!
kame-chan: is this okay?
me(akame-fan): hell yeah! *lick*
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