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May 24th, 2010 
02:43 am - Maru Look-alike!

So a good friend of mine sent this to me quite some time ago, and it slipped my mind (for what reason I just don't even...). Anyway, I was watching this show earlier today and was once again struck with love for this character. Why? Because he's practically Maru in every way. It could be the clothes, the face, the nose, the hair, or even the way he gestures when he's nervous. He even has a depiction of outer space on his ceiling, just like Maru

Of course there are some big differences (Maru's over 25 and hawt!), but tell me what you think~

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동방신기 ★ 재중「Gorgeous in Sunglasses」
12 x Akame
11 x Akanishi Jin
06 x Kamenashi Kazuya

01 x Akame

01 x Akame

Twitter Layout
01 x Akame
01 x Akanishi Jin


All HERE @ saranghalee
jinru_oh fuck
this is a repost. previous post got deleted due to changing of fonts/colours/size, which i didn't quite understand because i didn't do anything. *shrugs*

Title: Finding Bakanishi
Author: ringo_seijin 
Genre: Friendship, Angst
Rating: PG
Characters: Akanishi Jin, Nakamaru Yuichi, mentioning of KAT-TUN and Yamapi
Word Count: 5618
Warning: Not beta-ed. Watch out for horrible grammatical and spelling errors.
Summary: Jin lost the loveable bakanishi within him, and Yuichi is determined to do anything to help find that bakanishi back.

(Finding Bakanishi)
* chesh
Here is the third weekly fanfic update for May!

Title: When you Smile
Author: auburn_witch
Pairing: Akame
Chapters Updated: 5 - 8

Please do not comment here with your updates. All fic updates should be posted to the the monthly update post. If you're not sure how to make a master post for your chaptered fic, check here ^^

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask:)

~♥~ Vix
06:12 am(no subject)
雄也 ♥  ❝ Be next to me while smiling ❞
Icons :
Hey! Say! JUMP [33]
NYC [4]
→ KAT-TUN [12]

Maruda hearts

Hi Minna

4th Best of Member-Ai 1-10 Pairing: MaruDa (Ueda Tatsuya x Nakamaru Yuichi) Some random scenes, photos and interviews of their uppercute friendship ^___^

Best of MaruDaCollapse )

01:39 pm - Game!
Nice back
Hello KAT-TUN fans!
I customized a well known game and thought I could share it with you guyz~♪
Follow the fake cut!
Who is this Johnny's? )

(x posted this on news_jpop )

to the mods: I hope I tagged/posted this properly.

I don't know how Jin was nominated in the Ranking of World's Sexiest Men Magazine 2010 Privilege here. But since he's there, let's vote for him for the fun of it.  


There are quite a few hot men in this list and they appear to be international stars.  And Jin is included in the list..:)  So let's vote and btw, the voting will end in December 2010...quite a long way to go..LOL
07:33 pm - Dirty Nakame?
I found a picture of Jin, Kame  and Maru looking dirty - literally but are wearing fashionable clothes nonetheless while i was browsing my folders.
They look really funny but anyhow cute 'coz they're still young in here...just having a good laugh ^^, weeeee!

and oh the 7 deadly sins  pictures of kat-tun were deleted 'coz i tagged it wrong, but ya'll can still find it here in my journal...if anyone is interested...thankies^^

the pics are here ^^,

the pictures are originally from jone_records 

Kame's back Picspam and gif :D (nape, shoulder annddd butt)

*Every parts perfect. He's my heaven*


kattunjin!inthedistance (krysyuy)

@ my personal LiveJournal

Who knew that Junno was backdancing for Jin in LoveJuice? 'Cause I didn't. XD;; Lol. Click on the picture for a picspam (+ bonus picspam!) of Jin's QoP LoveJuice performance.
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