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Making it world wide!
May 13th, 2010 

More screenies!Collapse )

download: MF
raws: kattunal.ni-moe.com/

Translator wants to remain unnamed, I only did the timing and hardsubbing. Either way, please don't credit us or claim this as yours.

[ 5 ] regular member gifs
[ 5 ] framed member gifs
[ 2 ] regular group gifs


see the rest here @cutedorkylove 
{05} Kamenashi Kazuya's layouts, {12} Kamenashi Kazuya's icons.


More here at ichigoichie_23 , the entry will be M-locked after 3 days!.

KAT-TUN is at number 1!

Going! 2nd day sales : 56,285

Total sales (two days) : 99,770 + 56,285 = 156,055

Source : Oricon

In comparison :

Love Yourself : 85,097
RESCUE : 70,640
One Drop : 68,695

2010.05 DUET - KAT-TUN - Jin's Interview
Source: JOR@pornvilai
Translated into English by: [info]daphuni

( Read Jin's Interview )

Theme: KAT-TUN, How to Enjoy Spring
How are the KAT-TUN members enjoying their lives? When we asked them directly, they responded with a colorful "rainbow" of ways they were having fun spending each day.

( Read Jin's Interview )
10:44 pm - scanlation
Niou: Magic! *smirks*
Duet 2010.05 [Koki, Ueda, Kame]

Click here to have a look or grab :D

If your free, give the translator and scanlator a comment too!
credits translation: daphuni: koki, ueda, kame
scans: pornvilai
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