May 5th, 2010

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[MOD] Fanfic Rules & Reminder

Just dropping by to let you know we've made the rules for posting fanfiction slightly clearer. The fanfic rules are here, and although it was already part of the community rules, it seems people were reading the fanfic rule post and none of the rest. So, we've added this to the fanfic rules:

14. Regarding friends locked posts: You can make a "friends locked" post to the community, but if you are posting a link to an entry in your personal journal or to another LJ community, that entry needs to be public. This includes fanfiction links as well. This is a fan community, not a popularity contest. Making people friend you or to join your community just so they can download something from you is rude. Don't do it. However, we will allow it if the linked post remains public for at least three days.

So, please do not link to anything locked ^^

Also a reminder:

> Round Robin submissions end THIS Saturday! More info here. We can't wait to see your submissions! :D

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40 Icons of Kame's Eyes

I just finished reading the translation of Kame's interview about looking into people's eyes, where he says he'll try to use his eyes to get someone's attention. For those who didn't read it, remember that episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN where Kame, Ueda, and Koki went to learn "real tennis" and Kame was told to seduce a girl with his eyes? Well, I made some icons where I felt Kame was trying to captivate the audience through the camera lense just by the look in his eyes~

P.S. If you don't really understand what I'm getting at, you might understand better by looking at the icons and let Kame speak for himself.


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[FIC] I love painting and bondage

Title: I love painting and bondage
Author: KAT-TUN Army (Noodles(me) & Ka-chan)
Pairing(s): Akame(main); [JunDa,(some more random KAT-TUN pairings to come)]
Rating: NC-17
Genre: parody, smut, (intended) comedy
Disclaimer: We don't own the boys, but we own the smutty thoughts about them.
Summary: A therapy diary written by Jin himself about the 3 most important things in his life: painting, bondage and a certain boy named Kamenashi Kazuya.
Warning: hardcore smut, kink, bondage, threesomes, (lots of!) dirty talk, extremely horny baka!jin
Author Note: ;3 It's already quite a long fic, since we started this "project" months ago.
@mods sorry for causing problems last time posting this, we opened the comm up, it's now free to read for anyone, we didn't mean any harm :3


Jin's journal entry overview:
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