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May 3rd, 2010 
12:02 am - RESUME
Next KAT-TUN in Orisuta. Medley in Music Station. "Going!" CM. Arena Tour Tracklist and goods. Next interesting R-One.

at tsuyaka 

KAT-TUN's and Nakamaru's May Calenders are here.

And 5 Maru, 1 KAT-TUN, 2 Ueda wallpapers from Going PV are here.

05:43 am - previews
sleeping tat-chan <3
concert goods and new shop photos preview (and many other concert related random pictures);

( many shop photos, many. )


Hi minna ^__^

I made some Fanvideos about KAT-TUN's Member-Ai for Nakamaru.  It contains some random scenes, photos and interviews (parings: Nakame, Jinru/Nakanishi, TaNaka, Maruda, JunnoMaru)

~KAT-TUN Member-Ai for Nakamaru 11~ Collapse )
* chesh
Here is the last fanfic update for April!

Title: Cowboy
Author: leigh1381
Chapter Updated: 12

Please do not comment here with your updates. All fic updates should be posted to the the monthly update post. If you're not sure how to make a master post for your chaptered fic, check here ^^

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask:)

~♥~ Vix
* chesh
Authors, please read this post regarding the new fanfic rules.

Please post all (chaptered) fic updates here. UPDATES only, please. If you are posting the prologue/chapter 1 of your story, you do not post them here. Just everything AFTER your Chapter 1 (or Prologue).

Each Monday, we will make a collective post of the updates and post them to the community.

If you would like to have your fic included, please use this format:

Pairing: (OPTIONAL)
Link to master post:

If you have updated your fic more than once before we post your ad, you can just reply to your first comment and let us know you added another chapter. You don't need to type it all up again.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask:)

~♥~ Vix
Thanks to pornvilai for providing the fancam so I can check the lyrics.

Go here for the new accurated version.
{03} Kamenashi Kazuya side layout, {01} Akanishi Jin side layouts, {01}header.


More here @ ichigoichie_23  .
The entry will be locked to members only after 3 days.
I did an acrylic on canvas painting of them. It was finished last year, but since i'm sorta out of the fandom, it took me a while to get this posted. Haha.

Warnings: the pictures I  took aren't really that good quality, but it's worksafe. :)

(click on image)
2010.05 POTATO - KAT-TUN - Nakamaru's Interview
Source: JOR@pornvilai
Translated into English by: [info]daphuni

( Read Nakamaru's Interview )

"Does she like me?" that was a complete 100% misunderstanding (laughs)

( Read Nakamaru's Interview )
dragon//flights of fantasy
    Okay, three things to go over, and I have to make it quick, so yay for bullets~

  • Round Robin submissions end THIS Saturday! click here for more info~

  • Our mod roster is now all filled out! Everyone please welcome animesouljette and estherzax to the madhouse, lol, and thank you to everyone that volunteered ♥

  • Read the rules~ There's been some changes (based on the poll done here) and I don't want to hear anyone giving me the "oh, I didn't know" line. -_-*

...short and sweet:P

ah damn, forgot something...

To our followers:
please understand...the purpose of the twitter acct is to pass along news quickly..it's kinda hard to do that if we have to search through everyone's tweets:S soooo, the kattunlove_lj account follows ONLY news accts and the other mods.

you can still get messages to us:P just @kattunlove_lj, and I promise, at least ONE of us WILL see it and respond, lol.

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