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Making it world wide!
April 30th, 2010 
sleeping tat-chan <3

Open rehearsal @ Saitama Arena papa pics preview (All members)

this way :D )

[4] Sapuri
[3] Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
[2] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge


Click the picture to see the rest ^^

First entry... :D

It took about 3 weeks to paint Jin ..if not more xD
[MOD] Sales post for MAY

Heya Everyone,

For once this mod is early. I know, I know, it is not 1st May anywhere yet, but for the next few days, this mod will be a fangirly puddle so I thought before I miss this, let's just make the post now (while I am still of sound mind :P )

This is the Master SALES post for May!! So same as always~


Leave a comment on this post.
Put what you're selling in the subject (EX: Magazines, CD, Posters).
Put the details in the actual comment. Leave an email address, or a link to your lj for people to get in touch with you.

If your sale ends before the next sales post, Reply to your original sales comment with the word 'CLOSED' in the subject.

Any questions? Just ask any of us mods!^_^

I typed the kanji and romanized lyrics for the song SMILE (sung first time at Saitama Open Rehearsal). Because the official lyrics haven't come out yet so some part might be wrong.
Feel free to point out my mistake.

here @ my journal
being just me
For right now, I've done the romaji & kanji lyrics for Going! For those interested...I think there was someone else who had done them beforehand, but these ones should be more correct.

Check it out here

I'll add the english translation once I get done with it.
loving your smile
Heya minna. Just dropping by to share a sketch of mine.
Click pic for link

Thank you♥
sleeping tat-chan <3
FALL DOWN [1m54s] radio rip

first broadcast of FALL DOWN on tonight's Kase by Kase :)


and tonight's Kase by Kase, in which kame has a very fun time acting as a five year old kid...? extremely adorable xDD

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