April 24th, 2010

MinEw versione montagna

Because you are so hot

Sorry, this post is in only engrish language.

Happy birthday to Hikary_chan: hikari_guren.
I made nine banner on: Ueda Tatsuya.

The texture used is by rhythmique or  xloliconsx so don't remove their credit if you take it.
The gradient used is by 77 words, so don't remove their credit if you take it.
The image is by Je Official Photo Shop.

Preview for the 9 banner:

Please don't remove my credit if you take it.
KAT-TUN//Akanishi Jin - adorkable

[CONTEST] Round One Voting!

Submitting for Round One is now closed!
Thank you to everyone who entered this round. You guys all did great, and I hope to see you in Round Two! Please be thinking about what theme you will pick for Round Two if you are the winner of this round~

Here are the submissions for week one of the Round Robin Header~

You have until Saturday, May 1st, at 4pm to get your votes in.

Please remember: the theme for this week was "fun". When you are voting, try to pick the one that you think fits the theme best~

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Good luck to all of the entrants ♥!
Let me know if you have trouble with the poll...it made the pictures really close together, but I couldn't get it to put a space between them -_-*
loving your smile

[Fic] Vanilla Twilight

Title: Vanilla Twilight
Pairing: Akame
Genre: ?
Rating: PG
Summary: Kame is saddened by the fact that Jin wouldn’t be able to join them with their tour. (Sorry, I know the summary sucks)
A/N: My first ever song fic. I recommend you guys listen to Vanilla Twilight by Owl City as you read this fic. Hope you guys would like it.
Warning: Kame’s POV