March 26th, 2010

My first Fanart! and Fanfic!

This is my first Fanart that I am sharing with the LJ world!

With the recent KAT-TUN drama I felt a need to cope!

So to deal with the sorrow of supporting something I don't agree with, I have drawn this picture here!
(I know its not that great...)

I have also posted my first fanfic yesterday (over here).

(i'm sure there will be more in the future. yoroshiku ne~)

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[MOD] Enough already x_x + Layout contest + poll

okay, look...I love you guys, even the annoying ones, but seriously.

Yes, we know Jin and KT-TUN are touring separately!

We do NOT need a reminder every other minute about it! I don't like the whole situation either, but what's done is done, and bottom line is, no amount of posting the SAME THING over and friggen over again is going to change anything.

So please, have a lil mercy on the rest of us?

Poll reminder!
Rule changes/modifications: make yourself heard!

And since I think most of you have missed this:
Layout contest questions~

Last time, we gave you guys a theme to work with (spring). Should we go with another theme, or just tell you guys to go wild with it?

(personally, I'm thinking of using "unity" as the theme, but feel free to give your own suggestions.)
My eternal

(no subject)

Hello minna!!! First time posting in the community.....

Me and my little sister are planing to go to KAT-TUN's concert in Osaka on August 22th. The problem is (are) we're from Venezuela and is the first time we're going to Japan, so we don't know how, where and when to get the tickets...

Does anybody know when they're going to be on sale and how we can get it?!? And if somebody else is going to the same concert it would be great to take the chance to know other fans ^^

Thanks for everything.... And let's keep spreading KAT-TUN Love worldwide!!!!! ^^

Help, anyone?

Hi there!
I'm sure everyone knows about KAT-TUN's new tour 2010.
I'm going to be in Japan with my parents in June, so I can watch the con in Hokkaido!
The problem is, I'll be flying to Tokyo on the 6th of June, reaching at 7.00 am in the morning.
My parents aren't too keen on flying with me to Hokkaido with me just for the day,
So I'm asking for any KAT-TUN fan who's considering going to the Hokkaido con take a same flight with me from Tokyo. On the 6th of June, after 8.00am.
Since I'm 17 and underage lol.

And if I manage to get tickets, of course :D
On that subject, is any kind KAT-TUN fan willing to ballot for a Hokkaido ticket for me? I'm fine with either shows :D
I'll even pay a small commision to help me =.=

Please help a KAT-TUN fangirl who can't go to Hokkaido unless she finds someone on the same flight as her D8
To assure everyone I'm not a total weirdo, here's my facebook page:

I'm normal and sane, I assure you. Except when it comes to KAT-TUN orz.

Thanks! <3
Do you see my mood there? It says hopeful! orz.