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Making it world wide!
March 1st, 2010 
12:40 am - Wallpapers
I made some wallpapers. They're not the greatest thing but hope u like 'em :3

Kamenahsi Kazuya [4]
Akanishi Jin [1]

See them here @bakaperv  
korean girl
Title: Eggplant + Kametan = Babies ♥
Genre: Humour
Pairing: Akame
Warnings: Crack, lack of sleep, hint of mpreg and gay marriage
Summary: Jin tries to explains himself. And fails. Repeatedly. But it's not a such a bad thing after all.

KAT-TUN’s dressing room was in World War III.Collapse )
Osu! Levia here once again to bring you a pretty update.

Episode 7 has been subbed and we're almost on par with our personal schedule and we're fighting to make Sunday night as each week comes~

This might be Kame's cutest episode...just saying....and I L-O-V-E his new haircut.

SO here you go~!

Once again, I just want to thank all supporters of DC's latest project, and hopefully we'll get to work on more KAT-TUN drama in the near future.

*praying for any KAT-TUN drama in the near future*

Minnasan Konnichiwa!

Last time, some people were really curious about Kame whether he's an official producer of Zoom In or just for his dramas.

So, at last i found it! ^^
For those whom i've promised that i will show them that card, just go to my LJ.

And to those interested:

sore ja~

~♥Ks by Ks♥~
Hi there, I think it'r my first time writting here so hello to everyone!!
I was so bored this afternoon and wanted to spend my moeny so, I went to cdjapan to find something interesting to buy when I found this "always good to hear" question:
What is your favorite Jhonny's group?

O_o of course I clicked and voted for  "KAT-TUN" but then I thought that maybe some of you would be happy to answer this as well!! So I'm sharing the link, you need to sing in or if you don't have and account, need to create one!! =(
You can add your name and a comment and it will be displayed with your vote!
The Poll Period:
2010-03-01 19:00:00 -- 2010-03-08 12:00:00 (Japan Standard Time)

I hope this is as interesting for some of you as it was for me!! =)

Let me know who you plan to vote for!!! XD

Take care everyone!! ja ne~ =3


hi ppl. i am here to post something random! haha.

i was studyin for a test tomorrow. the module is Understanding the Universe. and i saw this!

was actually feeling sleepy like that but when i saw the year.. i thot of kame's song LOL. ive been taking this module for more than 2 months already and its only now that i actually noticed that i have got this in my lecture notes. HAHA. ok i know this is random.

AND I SAW THIS AWHILE LATER I POSTED!! LOL!!! olympos!! im sorry but jin n akame came to my mind. =x

have fun! and sorry again for the randomness =x

chibi ryo
Title: At least, for the moment
Author: ryo_anne
Pairing(s): Akame (friendship)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Own the fic, not the boys
Summary: Jin and Kame celebrated Kame's birthday in their own way.
Author Note: First time (second time actually but haven't got guts to post the first one yet so....) writing Akame so please be nice! ^^

"You know, I didn't forget your birthday."
Erika - Beautiful
I have yet to do a full report of the show, but in the meanwhile I typed down the most of what I could remember from the longest MC in Jin's career!

You&Jin 02.27 MC Report

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