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Making it world wide!
January 21st, 2010 

cartoon KAT-TUN #143 20100120 screencaps + streaming

kame, koki and ueda have fun trying out interesting dorky accessories at a shop, and ends up taking a picture with 'yamapi' as they meet his billboard on the streets. the highlight comes when they visit a lingerie shop, where they get to try out wearing various designs of lingerie. kame is really serious about choosing lingerie for himself, and guess who ends up using underwear as a bandana...? xDD episode full of win and cuteness moments! ♥

shimokitazawa no okite )


Kamenashi Kazuya's new J-web series called "Kyouhei's Road to Free Rent" writing as Takano Kyouhei. So energetic & cute

First entry is here @ i_heart_jin 
This is a fan made video, that I REALLY LIKE! so i want to share

Made by: jkluvxx 



My name is M-pop
Jin Akanishi = The Body
kamenashi kazuya = The Tricep
Koki Tanaka = The sausage party
Ueda Tatsuya = The body
junnosuke taguchi = J-Tan
Yuichi Nakamaru = The Tan-gent
06:06 pm - Hanako 01.28


4 pages of Kame from this magazine, get the larger pics and check out the other scans
( this way )
I wanted to remind you again of the project that is taking place for the movie BANDAGE, because there was nothing heard from Toho till now...

Maybe we still have a chance to make them realize how many fans are waiting for this to happen!

Tweet #bandageworldwide
starting from 9PM Japanese time [GMT +9]
this Friday <3 (22nd January~)

And through this we might get their attention!
Thanks in advance if you are joining us on Twitter <3

I hope you can/want to join as well! Further information here~ <3
It really amuse me when i realized it for the first time.
They did it obliviously.. or intentionally??
Don't know which one XP

Go here to find more..
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