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Making it world wide!
December 29th, 2009 
Okay...First post here. Forgive me. Sorry they're huge. I'm dumb. Gimme a break.

Wallpapers Here. :DCollapse )
02:37 am - RESUME

New magazine for Jin. Information about SMAPxKAT-TUN. Yamanade Official Web Site open. "Gokusen the Movie" awarded. BANDAGE photobook cover up. Information from Maru's JWeb. Countdown Information.

Hi friends.. especially INDONESIA people.. have you watched "cartoon KAT-TUN" special x'mas last week?
there is scene that camera shot Indonesian spices (RAWON & RENDANG) & mie instant INDOMIE .
you can open my journal google_v07  to see the cap about that.
I hope KAT-TUN buy that food too for x'mas eve dinner hahahhahahaha

"MERRY X'MAS everyone!!'
please do.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqHnK-Pf8RM&feature=rec-fresh+div-f-5-HM

you get to see jin cosplay and talk dirty to koki(what more could u ask for?)
nice day
Title: KAT-TUN's Christmas and New Year? (Part 1 of 2)
Character: KAT-TUN and a cameo appearance of Jin's bff
Rating: Attempted Crack
Disclaimer: I only own paperchibi!KAT-TUN and Pi
Summary: Finally the '2009 Christmas Battle Plan' is here. What is actually the plan? But it seems like a certain chibi spoiled the plan...
A/N: It is actually done for Christmas but yeah I am kind of late and thus the change of title D: But this is in fact, Christmas + Kokunno's Birthday + New Year Party :D

Click the picture ♥ for the full story
01:28 pm - WITH scans
Hello ^o^

Here are the scans from WITH, and preview of KAT-TUN 2010 agenda


Here @ our LJ

Minna-san heloo~ I've found Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge's Official Website! It looks good!  Well, it's in japanese but u can use google toolbar to translate the webpage. (thats what i did) 

It's not 100% correct, but atleast you may know a little about what they're talking about. 

Here's the link to the webpage.

YamaNade Official Website
Arashi <3
Hi~! I've never posted here before~ It's my first time! And I have a few Yamada Ryosuke x Akanishi Jin banners and wallpaper to share!
This is actually a request by yamada_aka xD


3 Banners/ Headers; 16 versions
1 Wallpaper

This way to RYOJIN @ MY LJ
05:51 pm - so i heard
that kattun likes to do pervy mcs so whats your fav pervy mc? mine so far is this one


please share
Flowery skull
Title: Washing Machine PWP (Porn Without Plot)
Pairing: Akame
Rating: NC 17
Genre: Smut, Romance
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just a fangirl. :|
Summary: They did it on the washing machine. Easy.
Warning: Guy sex.
Author's Note: This is written for kylie1984 because I promised her smut months ago. Don't know if she remembers, but I try hard to keep my word. :D And also to shinae183  who just finished her diploma (It's diploma, right?). I am proud of you. And so freaking jealous. To everyone reading, this is for you too. Hope you enjoy.

Gagang gagang... *washing machine sounds* =_=; )
I am a JE fan living in Hawaii on the island of Oahu! Recently dungbrains  has come up with an epic idea: a worldwide fan video for KAT-TUN's 4th anniversary!

Please click here--->dungbrains.livejournal.com/  for more info!

Because I think this is a wonderous idea, I have decided to attempt a KAT-TUN/JE fan meet-up!

So if you live in Hawaii (on oahu helps), love KAT-TUN (or any JE, all are welcome) and are interested in a meet-up please let me know!

The deadline for the video is March 15th, so I think we should have the meet-up in February! At the meet-up we will film our own little section for the KAT-TUN Worldwide Anniversary Video!

I know the chances of JE fans living in Hawaii on Oahu seems slim, but for KAT-TUN (and JE) I'm willing to try! Please let me know ASAP! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~!!

P.S.- This is my first post to a community EVER. So if I messed up, sorry mods, feel free to delete>.<
sooooooo after quite a long time i realized that i never posted up my koki and ueda icons...these are kinda old now but i hope u still enjoy em!!! lolz..hahaha


right this way!!! =DCollapse )
Hi everybody.

I've come up today with an idea for KAT-TUN next anniversary. I know it's still early but we might need time to make it.

This is not a final project, I'm still thinking about it & I really need your advices, help, support and participation.

Just let me know if it's not a good idea.

Read it on my LJPOST EDITED

ohba » masatoshi

I've decided that we all should have another fan meet up before the school holidays are over~
So please check this post over at my journal for more info! :D

I'd love to hear from all of the fans in Sydney so please let me know!

PS: I'm sorry if you've seen this so many times on other comms!
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