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December 25th, 2009 
09:57 am - any word
on when their new single will go on sale. since it came out i would think they had put some info out on when it will be out.
Chirstmas (Jin)
Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy!

Kame - 7
Akanishi- 7
Taguchi - 3
Tanaka - 3
Uepi - 3
Nakamaru - 3

Akanishi - 1


All can be found here at my livejournal
**from asianfanatics.net** 

OLYMPOS album covers out

KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin makes his silver-screen debut in 2010 as the lead singer of an early 90s rock band called LANDS in the film Bandage directed by renowned music producer Kobayashi Takeshi. In addition to collaborating for the film, Akanishi formed the project unit LANDS with Kobayashi to release the movie theme song Bandage, which topped the charts with first-week sales of over 200,000! The single is just a teaser though for the real show in January which sees the release of the movie and the LANDS mini-album Olympos. The album contains six songs that Natsu (Akanishi Jin's character) performs in the movie plus two new songs specially composed for the album by Kobayashi for a total of eight tracks.

First Press comes with 24-page booklet; only while supplies last. Second Press will have an 18-page booklet and a different cover design.

The songs. (order of tracks not yet decided)

- BANDAGE (lyrics/music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- Olympus (lyrics: iwai shunji & kobayashi takeshi, music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- 20sai no sensou [a 20 year old's war] (lyrics: iwai shunji & kobayashi takeshi, music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- Genki [energy] (lyrics: iwai shunji & kobayashi takeshi, music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- Genki (Ska version) (lyrics: iwai shunji & kobayashi takeshi, music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- Yuuki [courage] (lyrics: iwai shunji & kobayashi takeshi & akanishi jin, music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- Thankyou (new song) (lyrics/music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
- Kodou [pulsation] (new song) (lyrics/music/arrangement: kobayashi takeshi)
i havent seen it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FxqIeodG14

ueda and the lady with the wig

so i found out its an older commercial

anyone got a link to dl a hq version of this video
sleeping tat-chan <3

「With」2月号 preview

2010 calendar offshots <3 )

some pictures + (very) LQ part video of MSSL 2009


Title: Told You So
Author: lonelylilger 
Pairing: Akame, Kamepi, Ryoda
Ratings: PG-13
Genre: Angst, romance?
Word count: 2740 words
Disclaimer: i don't own the boys. i fully own the plot.
Summary: Kame left Jin for Yamapi. Now Kame regrets it and wants to get back with Jin. Will Jin accept Kame back into his life again? (sorry, suck summary)
A/N: i got the idea for this fic thanks to the song of the same name as my title sung by Jesse McCartney. It's rumored he wrote this song for his ex-girlfriend. There are also many flashbacks to this. Sorry if you're confused. Still, hope you'll enjoy this. *cross fingers* Comment after reading.
Warning: Girl/Kame, Girl/Ueda, implied sex.

(Told You So.)
ryo &lt;3
Finally got to watch BtR DVD 
but during the Real Face performance something bugged me.
It's kame's clothes. I swear he wore it before but i totally can't recall when .. i already searched through some files and stuff but I can't find it. it's really bugging me!
so I need your help O:
to the screencapsCollapse )

I would really appreciate it when someone could help me <3
Kame | Great |
I made another bunch of gif from BTR DVD.. :D

Check it here~~ 

Comments are nice~ catface

Title: It’s Only You
Author: Robileczuya
Pairing: Akame (Main), Kokame and Pin friendship
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Friendship
Disclaimer: I just own the storyline.
Summary: Are you doing okay? I'm not doing well, I need you.
A/N: I’m back after a series of writer’s block in my head. Sorry for not updating this pair; I really have to make this fiction, coz’ this pair of mine has been extinction nowadays :(  Sorry for the mix of fandoms :P Comment after reading, please and thank you. And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS


search my light
Title: Christmas Eve at the Jimusho
Chapter:  one-shot

Pairing: KameDa
Safe ^^
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya's feelings are discovered by the one he loves. {I know I suck at summaries}
Disclaimer:  I don't own the two. Or any other Johnny's boys ^^

A/N: My first X'mas fic. My first fic with no Jin in it (I only mention him =P)
A/N 2: Sorry for posting so late, but I went to my grandparents in the country side. And there is no internet there *sigh*

All I want for Christmas is YOU
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