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Making it world wide!
December 14th, 2009 
akanishi jin + kamenashi kazuya (4)
All 6 members of KAT-TUN participated :) LOTS (well, I thought there were lol) of akame moments :) And pictures of the uchiwa distributed at the event with messages/signatures of the participants.

here @ i_heart_jin

I saw this on HMV and didn't see this posted.

This is the cover of the soundtrack of Jin's movie, BANDAGE : another BANDAGE
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05:18 am - White Day

resumes KAT-TUN's 2009. Kame and a new baseball programme to add. Yamande new extras call and flyer. BANDAGE new preview. KAT-TUN Calendar flyer. Johnny's Sports Day 2009 coverage.

sleeping tat-chan <3


Zoom In SUPER 20091214 newsclip video (streaming + download) & screencaps.

+JPT 10:00; Sukkiri newsclip added!

( MVP )

Hey guys! *wave*

I have a silly question, mainly because I'm really paranoid where money is concerned.

So, I have managed to get myself Jin's concert tics through the ballot, and I made my bank transfer today to JE. My question to those of you who have gone through the ballot and bank transfer before: Is there a notification sent by JE to say they've received the money?

The email that they sent didn't say that they will notify, only to wait for the tickets which should come by the end of January. Was also told in the email that if I have not received the tickets 3 days before my concert date, to call and check.

Is this the usual procedure? I'm kinda paranoid that I might have done the bank transfer wrongly, or keyed in wrong information given my lack of Japanese language skills.

Can anyone help?

Thanks so much in advance!

Edit: paranoia curbed! Thanks all for your replies! :)

Kamenashi kazuya 1582
it's amazing song and the video from the DVD is even more amazing!
It's three parts so here is the link for the youtube user who upload them. there is also other songs if you search in the user's website (which they're also amazing as you'll see so many moments of their member ai <3)

Part one ´:

Part two :

and three :

He look so beautiful! 8D
[kat-tun] kame news
I'm downloading those videos posted from youtube user KTBreaktheRecords and converting them to mp4 to watch on my dvd tonight.
I'm also uploading them to my community to share them, so if you guys wanna download them too, feel free to find those links there.

Edit: all videos are up!

BtR logo

INDONESIA Let’s have a birthday party for Tatsuya Ueda, Koki Tanaka, Junnosuke Taguchi & watch DVD Break the Records.

Come and join us in these gatherings (will be held in 4 cities ~Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya~)

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ps. Gathering in Medan will be added later....

further information click http://www.kattunesia.org

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