December 3rd, 2009




I just finished watching Johnny's Sports Day 2001 and I saw akame in it. In the caption, it said "Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)" while when I saw Jin, written there was "Akanishi Jin (Johnny's Jr.)". But what surprised me the most is when the camera was on Toshin with the caption "Toshin Yoshikazu (KAT-TUN)"

Question is, who were the original member of KAT-TUN when it was first formed? The only thing I know is that Koki was not in the temporary unit that backdanced for KinKi Kids which had most of the KAT-TUN members in it. And I thought that Johnny's Sports Day are usually held at the end of the year. So KAT-TUN by then should be consists of the current members. Can't help thinking about it~ What do you guys think?

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Eternal - Fanwork

I seldom post on comms so yoroshiku ne!

Anyways, I loved the song Eternal by Akanishi Jin so much that I just had to try to play and sing it..
So just sharing my try at it!
If you're interested in listening to it, its at my journal!
*sorry if its not up to expectations though!

Hope this is allowed or else feel free to delete! thanks!