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November 30th, 2009 

Kame's new drama - Yamanade - info ( Newspapers -translations-, TV). Jin's Cinema message. BtRDVD cover

HERE at tsuyaka
happy birthday dear junno
my post celebration for birthday

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j-web white 'xmas

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10:58 am - [icons]
kame - losing focus
10 Kamenashi Kazuya
09 Akanishi Jin
23 Yamashita Tomohisa

click for more @ tabemonojanai

Minnasan Konnichiwa~

~♥Ks by Ks♥~ desu yo~

I placed different infos in my journal about Yamato Nadeshiko.
If a few of you knows Kyouhei, the role that Kame will play. . .
Just visit my journal. It has also a video clip about the upcoming drama and this is somehow, a discussion post. :)

KOCCHI! KOCCHI♥@[info]kame09

sore ja~
~♥Ks by Ks♥~
Arashi: Popcorn
This issue of Wink Up has messages from Jin and Junno as well as messages to Ueda and Jin if anyone is interested :) Go here to read! And if you missed any of the previous translations, they're all indexed here. :)

I apologize in advance if you have a lot of JE coms on your flist and see this more than once!
sleeping tat-chan <3
LANDS album pre-order!


Release Date: 2010/01/13
Price: 2000YEN
First press comes with 24-page booklet (subject to change)

From HMV JP:
Initial Press Limited: 24 Pages Booklet (Subject to change). After the Initial Press the booklet will be 18 pages. (Subject to change)

※The CD Jacket will differ between Initial Press and onwards.
※The photos will differ.

Tracks info (from Shinseido):

・BANDAGE(作詞・作曲・編曲 小林武史)
・元気(Ska Version)(作詞:岩井俊二/小林武史、作曲:小林武史、編曲:小林武史)
・サンキュー(新曲)(作詞・作曲・編曲 小林武史)
・鼓動(新曲)(作詞・作曲・編曲 小林武史)

HMV Japan
Amazon JP

BANDAGE Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 2010/01/13
Price: 2800YEN

Track listing & info can be found here.

Amazon JP

More links will be added once available.
The live-action drama adaptation of Tomoko Hayakawa's manga "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge" was confirmed on Sunday. KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi (23) will play the lead role and will be joined by Hiroki Uchi (23) and NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi (22).

Here for more
at kang_kazuya

They're not much, but please look :)
» Count: !004
¦ » KAT-TUN: 04;
» Peek:

head here @ thelastpledge

My friend and me made a video for Junno's birthday from KochiKame and I want to share it with everyone. click to watch it

Aaaand I made a post from his sentences from interviews which were posted in this community. To read them click here. I didn't translated anything just bring them together.

Hope you will like them. :D
jin sparrow
Bandage is still on #2 with 8097 copies sold today!
Total sales including today : 199 536 copies!

He`s so close to reaching 200 000!
Ganbare Jin~!

For those lucky few that are in the area and can go......and for the rest of us to guess what scenes they'll have and with which characters.

Rough translation and key points
Sat Dec 5
7-9 (Ibaraki) want female of all ages to oogle at men taking baths (there won't be any perverted scenes)
11:30-1:30 (Chiba) want male and females that look like college students to act out campus life
1:30-4:00 (near Tokyo) no restrictions on age, all sexes, walking around
5:00-7:30 (Yokohama) again no restrictions, museum viewing
7:30-10:00 (Shinjuku) act as construction workers

Sun Dec 6 (oops forgot this earlier)
7-10:30 (Shibuya) having fun at a darts bar, couples welcome
4-10 (Shinjuku) street night scene, we welcome people that enjoy nightlife

any guesses to which scene corresponds to what in the manga? That first one...... if it's who i'm thinking of...... i think many people would not mind going xD

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