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November 29th, 2009 
12:39 am - icons ♥


[70] Taguchi Junnosuke
[here] @ my LJ
01:28 am - CDTV 20091128
sleeping tat-chan <3

CDTV 20091128 - LANDS & KAT-TUN
LANDS performance & KAT-TUN Concert DVD introduction (with preview of DVD cover?)

. video & screencaps


02:34 am - Closing the Year

More BANDAGE (Jin) magazines. Kame too. BtR DVD Heating up. Kame on TV. Several other BANDAGE news (re-stocking, presents, TV...). Nikkan Sports Film Awards voting. A bit on KAT-TUN 2010 Calendar.

*And Junno Birthday Greeting!

HERE at tsuyaka
[tacchon] darekimi
I'm really frustrated, comparing what has been done and wished for Junno so far which is so few, not even in his own communities, thinking of what craziness of wishes had been on for all the other members, [my poor boy is the last one in every year to celebrate his birthday] so I decided to pick up most of my stuff I've been gathering all year and put them up into a post entirely about the best KAT-TUN member [each's opinion for their own, don't start the "but I like ...." please].

So, the Birthday post is here

There's links to other picspams of mine, gifs, pictures, icons, stuff and info about him not everyone knows because I dragged them out of what I've seen in interviews and not only sites like dramawiki etc.

Minna-san, let's everyone shout our wishes for Junno's happy 24rth birthday~ That boy seriously needs more love AND spotlight, it's so unfair to always be left behind.
KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams
Icons (40)

You can find all icons Here @ kamesoul
Prz to be following the link kthx. :D

11:30 am - icons
「erika 」walk away
Icon count: 95 ::Arashi;KAT-TUN;K-Fashion;2pm;SHINee


@ soufflemonster
-locked in 48 hours-
they call me a cock-eyed optimist
ETA: Drama confirmed! Article from Sanspo. :D And here is the official website.

Kame will be in the live action drama version of "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" (known in the US as The Wallflower). Info taken from w_tsubasa's post at news_jpop, who got it from 2chan.

TBS Friday 22:00 - January 15 start
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Lead actor: Kamenashi Kazuya as Kyouhei Takano
Co-starring: Oomasa Aya as Sunako Nakahara, Tegoshi Yuya as Yukinojo Toyama, Uchi Hiroki as Takenaga Oda, Miyao Shuntarou as Ranmaru Morii

Pictures of a newspaper article discussing (confirming?) the news: 1 | 2

So excited! A possible KAT-TUN single for the theme song, perhaps?
05:14 pm - Icons
Sho ~ Kawaii
News - Arashi - LM.C.
Tanaka Koki {x2}
Ueda Tatsuya {x7}
Kamenashi Kazuya {x4}


{More here}
no more pain kame
Title: Junno's Presents
Pairing: pure kat-tun love, some junka-ness
Disclaimer: if only I could own them all!...but alas, I don't
Rating: PG
Summary: Junno's bday!! YAY!! he wonders what the others gave him...
Beta’d By: Self-beta'd
Words: 899

"After much torture with the wrapping paper, he found it to be a butt massager."

Happy birthday Junno!!! XD
to mod: if this is not allow, please delete this post, thank you! ^^

I have a question about Cartoon Kat-tun. I'm writing a paper about New-half and i know that Arashi had a lot of show with them, but i also remember, or i think i remember that a singer, who was also a transsexual, appeared in Cartoon Kat-tun too (not the second season one-'the search for the meaning of love'- but the first season) she didn't appear with the rest of Kat-tun but she was interviewed by Kamenashi and either koki or ueda (i don't remember). So i was wondering if someone could help me find that episode, or does it even exist -cause maybe my fangirling mind self made it all up, hahaha-

BUT IF SOMEONE COULD HELP ME, THANK YOU!!! (sorry if it's a stupid question, i just been thinking about it lately...)

07:08 pm - Bandage 5th day
T_T Bandage fell on the 2nd place with 10711 copies sold today!

Total sales until day 5 : 191439 copies!

Currently "R.I.P/Merry Christmas" by Bump of chicken (!?!) is on the 1st place with 13190 copies sold!

Source :www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/d/

Ganbare Jin~!
hana no mau machi
So, with the recent success of #deadfisheyes and #eggplant, and Kame's new drama coming up and quite possibly a new KAT-TUN single on the horizon oh Johnny prz, I got to thinking...

...any of you want to do a TT for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge? And quite possibly involve Tegoshi/Uchi fans in this too? With the popularity of those 3, I think we could make it into at least top 5. I don't have school the day the drama starts yay so I'm game for staying up alllllll night to do this if you guys want to. ^.^ We have a while to plan and all that, too, so hopefully we can make this work out for everyone who wants to participate?

...*is so not weirdly obsessed over this drama already*
As the topic says, I'm searchign for a fanfic.

It was Akame one.
And I only remember, that Kame was very poor and worked a lot so that he can pay his rent and so on.
And Jin was very rich.
They met by accident and sleep together.
And after that Kame is pregnant and decides to get the kid.

I know it is not much, but I hope that somone of you can help me!
I'm really desperate right now...

Thanks in advance.

@Mods: I don't know how to tag, so please don't delete it. ^^
08:22 pm(no subject)
Kame playful
[11] Junno + Kame
[11] Chibi KAT-TUN

icon icon icon

This way
09:24 pm(no subject)
Remember the post a few day ago about sending Jin our love during X'mas as well as a fan-exchange?
Further details are up!

Head over here :D
11:51 pm - LANDS ALBUM!!

I was so worried after Jin said that it depends on the Jimusho if they are gonna release the album or not, which reminds me the gloomy days of knowing Wonder wouldn't be released.

Anyway, I'm violently happy now.

赤西仁主演の映画「BANDAGE バンデイジ」(2010年1月16日(土)全国東宝系にて公開)の主題歌「BANDAGE」を含む全8曲収録のアルバムです。劇中でLANDSのボーカル・高杉ナツ(赤西)が歌った6曲に加え、小林武史がこのアルバムのために書き下ろした新曲2曲を含む8曲を収録!

Follow the fake cut to see more information

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