November 19th, 2009

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CTKT #136 screencaps & video

cartoon KAT-TUN #136 screencaps + veoh streaming

jin is finally back this time, for some outdoor fun with junno and nakamaru. they get on a topic of 'drive songs', of songs that makes their mood rise, and we get to discover the kind of weird songs that everyone listens to. then, we find out who is clueless at setting up tents, and how they managed to finish setting up everything in the end. lastly, watch everyone laugh at the sensei for stumbling over his words, and we go back to seeing jin in high tension. ♥

( outdoor no okite )

sleeping tat-chan <3


Akanishi Jin's solo live decided! 赤西仁ソロライブ決定!

Dates: 2/7 - 2/28
Venue: 日生劇場
Theme: 「友&仁 You&Jin」
Duration: 22 days, 32 shows, 2 1/2 hours each (1300 people per show) - 予定
Ticket price: 11000YEN/ticket


Tickets information:

Ticket sales begin on 2010/1/16, 1000hrs by phone (ONLY) on ぴあ(PIA)、イープラス(e+)、CNプレイガイド(CN Play Guide)、ローソンチケット(Lawson Ticket).

for each call, each person is allowed to purchase up to two tickets for one show, except for the first show on 2/7 18:00 and last show on 2/28 13:00, which each person is only allowed to purchase one ticket for.

HOWEVER, family club members can apply for the tickets early, from 11/27-11/30.

for more ticket purchasing information and show schedule check out TOHO STAGE!

good news: tickets are open for public sales VS bad news: how hard will it be to call in for the tickets? =x


++show schedule added under the cut!

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for official newspaper articles and TV features check out here. (to be updated!)

+++updated at 7:30am JPT: Mezamashi TV feature video added!

Kame - Peace <3

Kame to be captain, Junno to attend @ Johnny's sports day + Maru&Jin


It says that Kame's going to be captain of the Kantou team (baseball - the main event) for the Johnny's sports day that's going to be held on 12/13:3 It'll be Kantou vs Kansai (Kansai led by Koichi) and Junno's going to be on the Kantou team. It also says that Uchi's going to be in the Kansai team... No other names so far. There will also be a relay and a mini-concert.

/edit/ Yomiuri says that Maru's going to be there too for the baseball game. ^^ And Takki and Jin are going to rush to it

/edit 2/ Sorry, little edit. I need to eat before reading these things

/edit 3/ Just a bit more random info: Morimoto Ryutaro and Fujigaya Taisuke is also to be on the Kantou team, Nakayama Yuuma is to be on the Kansai team.