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Making it world wide!
October 12th, 2009 
finally maru papapics btr tokyo domo
in HQ (size: 3600x2500)
40 papapics


more HERE
Hello every one I made already 54 icons for Tat-chan


here @mylj
12:45 pm - Questionage
I just recently watched Summary of Johnny's World 2004 with NEWS and KAT-TUN. There were was a song that I didn't know, but it sounded uber familiar. I was wondering if anybody has a list of songs they did. It was in the last part of the show.
^^; If anyone could help in the least bit that would be awesome.
Akame still lives on.. ♥
I know this has been posted before, but because I'm too stubborn..
I would just like to post it again to gain more votes for KAT-TUN. Right now, DBSK is leading with 40+ votes...

Everyone, KAT-TUN needs our vote! 
Vote for them here: http://www.channelv.com/rde/v/3564.htm 
Log in if you have an account..if not, register first so you can vote :)

let's make KAT-TUN one of the final two contenders :D

  Title: {One-shot}The Leisure of Body Language.

Pairing: Akame

Fandom: KAT-TUN

Disclaimer: I own no one, Akame own each other, I own the plot

Genre: Yaoi.

Rating: Nc-17

Summary: Kokki wanted to see the crazy couple have a fight because he was bored, little he did know that they develop and extraordinary higher level of communication.

A/N:* Inspiration from Jin's photo shoot, the scandalous one. Some ppl went crazy over it; approving, disapproving and so on. But I like it in one way or another, and I loved even more the Akame manipulation of it ^___^. **This is as well dedicated to [info]akameda  (Happy late birthday dear)

Read more...Collapse )

Hi everyone,

I am a kat-tun and news fans from singapore. And sadly, there isn't much JE fans here. Therefore there won't be any shop selling their official stuff. And this is why we can only buy those unofficial fake china goods which the profit doesnt go to any JE guys. My group of friends and I are trying to find someone in japan who can help us to order their stuff and send it over to singapore for us.

Any kind soul in japan willing to help us, fans in singapore? we will really appreciate your help.

Hi ^^
Finally I found the courage to post these drawings...

These are some comic strips made by me :)
They are a parody of the japanese classic work "Genji Monogatary" (info about characters and plot:
HERE) and of my obsession with Johnny's XD...The characters are:

- Genji (me)
- Murasaki (Akanishi Reio)
- Fujitsubo (Akanishi Jin)
- Rokujo (Kamenashi Kazuya)
...and maybe I'll add others in the future ^^

I've made only two of these comic strips in english until now (there are more in italian), simply because I don't know if you all like them ^^ I mean, only my friends read them for now...

HERE at my lj!

Well, should I translate the other ones? :D
Oh, I'm sorry for my bad english...I would be very grateful If someone who enjoys my works (and knows english perfectly!) could help me translating them :)

Then, I HAVE to say this: I drew them only for FUN, I really didn't intend to offend anyone. No Reio, no Jin, nobody else. I drew these because I LIKE them! So, please, don't get angry with me :(
I hope my works make you laugh instead!

If you wish to post/use these comic strips elsewhere, please tell me first and credit me! Thanks :)
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