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September 16th, 2009 
亀→ beckoning
38→ Kamenashi Kazuya
36→ NEWS
18→ Ryo&Tackey, Toma&Yamapi

05→ banners (350x200, 400x200)
02→ headers (700x300, 800x350) {image link fixed}
01→ wallpaper, Tegoshi Yuya (1024 x 768 )

more here @ soufflemonster
locked in three days

Mods, please delete this post if it is not appropriate. My question is in regards to the KAT-TUN Live Document Photo Book "Break the Records." I was just curious as to know what happened to the book in Japan. In the sense as to how many copies sold, was it number one, and would the book sales also get reported on ORICON similar to DVDs and CDs. You know, since after its release nothing was ever said about it.

Thank you in advance for the replies and answers!
05:37 am - Various Bits

BANDAGE and Dreamboys magazine activity. Next The Television will come with a surprise. Cartoon KAT-TUN requests spectators. Konkatsu! NG. BANDAGE web page actualized little by little. Jin's TGC performance coverage not over. A bit more on BANDAGE.

And congrats to Kame for completing his 200 Doribo performances!


Title                       : God Sent Me for You
Author                  : [info]broken_akatsuki ()
Pairing                  : Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Koki
Rating                   : pg-15, keep raising from chapter to chapter
Genre                   : Romance, Drama, BoyxBoy Relationship
Summary             : Kazu and Jin knew each other because Kamenashi family buy Akanishi family’s house and both of them met again in the same school and Kazuya knew Jin as his senior. Their Relationship is became so hard to run because something happen to Jin.
Author Note      : based on my parents’ true love story, I used not a drama story lover, but this story is too sweet.  And sorry for my bad English.

link : chapter 1: when we first met //chapter 2: the letters//chapter 3: don't forget me//chapter 4: can i forgot you?//chapter 5: the other person//chapter 6: preparation & coming back//
Silly Yuichi
Hai! Ohayou, minna-san! (Still morning in my country)

I want to ask for your help. I need to know KAT-TUN's songs b4 their debut. Best of KAT-TUN album contain their best songs b4 they debut. I want to know other songs~ I know their have many songs b4 their debut. Can you guys help? The reason is bcoz i want to create comm for myself using their songs title. This include the solo songs sing by each member~

I only know a few. Here are the list that I could find after i re-watched want I have on their old performances. Plez correct me if i'm  wrong in spelling or the song is from their senpais.

Group/Duo SongsCollapse )

Solo Song:

Kamenashi Kazuya's SoloCollapse )Akanishi Jin's SoloCollapse )

Taguchi Junnosuke's SoloCollapse )

Tanaka Koki's SoloCollapse )
Ueda Tatsuya's SoloCollapse )

Nakamaru Yuichi's SoloCollapse )

Hontou ni Arigatou in advance~

Edit: I think that is all~ Although the list not yet complete, but i'm very satisfy by the responses by everyone~ Thank you sooo much! Minna are the GREATEST! annneonet give me this -->[info]murasaki_yuki, http://www.bathkame.com/
but i only understand song that has English Name. There are really that many! & murasaki_yuki give me blue_fire0013 that have the complete set of dwnld from their 1st single up until Rescue! WOW!

Special Thanks & credit to Everyone that comment~

zouter, maruchi_desu, annneonet, piinkyy, eikou_no_uta, kudan_alchemist, jovial_girl, whyxjennifer, cathy927, u_rena, fairyueda, sabaku_no_kuea, ninillie, lil_brooke, mitsuki_world, darkokame, tanaka_kazuma, purkiiex3, kat_tun_4_me</div>

Hontou ni Arigatou!!! m(_ _)m
05:53 pm - Concert Poll

hi people,
i came across sistic website and i found out they are actually holding polls to vote for bands/singers to come to singapore to perform a concert based on their popularity.

KAT-TUN is currently no. 5, way below DBSK, Arashi, Super Junior and SS501.


To participate in the poll, click HERE

i noticed something when i was watching cartoon kat-tun ep.126. The restaurant Jin visited, is the same with restaurant kame,ueda, and Koki visited in Hadaka no shounen 
10:31 pm - what is the song
I have a question again.^^
In R-ONE KAT-TUN NO. 75 what is the song that they put on? Something Rode? Can someone tell me? I want to download that, I like it. :)

It's starting about 4:15. It is not a KAT-TUN song.

I have the song, thanks^^
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