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Making it world wide!
September 14th, 2009 

Jin and Koki's new OXY CM..I'm jealous of Jin's smooth skin.  They look so cute patting their faces <3

I usually don't like to promote stuff from uwasa blogs (even if it's just newspaper clippings that are all over auctions and sites as well and since some people already posted about Taguchi's returning back alone from Hawaii....), but I would really love to hear what other people think  Taguchi's hair color, cause that's what my friends were discussing this weekend and they didn't really like it.
It's the first time he had it this light since Yuukankurabu.
I personally don't want to say I like or don't like it until I see it styled for future Cartoon KAT-TUN shows.

Anyways, fashion/hair-style discussion (^-^)    [cross-posted to jone]
Here is the Collapse )

 </div></div></div>somehow it only posted the small preview so here's an additional link for the BIGGER one

biggerCollapse )
2nd edit: Seems I phrased it weirdly, but, yes, it is from the airport when he returned from Hawaii (^^)
Shintaku Kiss!!!&lt;3

If you are still unsure how to post your chaptered fanfictions please go here for the new chaptered fic rules.

Fanfic Updates
July 15 - September 14

Mod's Note: ~ No one updated for August really only two updates so I waited until there where a few more! Great writing everyone! I'm really enjoying some of the story lines! ^n^

Title: When hate makes you love
Author: yukan_kat_tun08
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated: 12

Title: Kame Goes Wild
Author: garnet_light
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated:19, 20 & 21

Title: Sad to Say
Author: xveronicachiax
Pairing: 2
Chapter Updated: Kame x OC, Jin x OC [OC = Original Character]

Title: Our Past Memories
Author: baobao_chan
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated: Memory 2

Title: What the Heart Can Only See
Author: caro1az
Pairing: Junda
Chapter Updated: 6

Title: Cowboy
Author: leigh1381
Pairing: Akame
Chapter Updated:9

I hope you will all enjoy reading the updated fictions!!!

Maru&#39;s hips don&#39;t lie
Mello again!,

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iridetaguchi ~ a community dedicated to KAT-TUN's first 'T', Taguchi Junnosuke! Here you'll find all sorts of Junno-goodness, from picspams to various downloads.

jefic_directory ~ This community is focused mainly in providing a real support for writers and people interested in Johnny’s fanfiction(het/yaoi). Rules are also in Spanish.

johnnys_koi ~ a message from jesychan ~ info: related all johnnys
para compartir nuestro fanatismo sobre todos los grupos que nos gustan de la jimusho: fanwork. scans, music, grafic, tv programs.

qopsubs ~ message from qopsubs ~ New KATTUN (only)Subbing Squad We are in need of Translators, Timers, Encoders, Graphic designers, editors, uploaders and admin ^^ ....and karaokee effects/k-timers ^^
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a safe place far away from rabid fangirls with no sense of humor?
a real Crack Kingdom?
well, you found it!


KAT-TUN Lovers ~ A group made for fellow beboers who are KAT-TUN fans. Its fairly new but would appreciate anyone here who is a bebo member and kat-tun fan to join (:

Promise Unkept ~
Mostly graphic site with lots of wallpapers of Kat-Tun and other Johnnys, too. I would be really happy if you'd take a look. Thanks


Asian Karaoke ~ a message from mysticwater ~ Asian Karaoke is an online singing cover group. You will find most of our releases favour Johnnys Entertainment & SM/YG Entertainment, but our range covers unlimited scores of Asian music. We even have a new Multicultural section for those seeking a bit more than a taste of just Asia.

We are a no-audition group, and encourage members to join Official projects as well as open and run their own Personal Projects (an idea original to AK). Its sure way to gain experience if your new into the world of online karaoke covers!

Come join us for fun and community networking! We are always welcoming new members! And our members and moderating staff alike are some of the most friendly you'll find! AK is first and foremost about the members and the fun!

It's just you and the mic!

-mysticwater (AK Forums Founder)


Ueda's Yume on DeviantArt ~ a message from flutterbychild9 My deviantART account, which houses all of the graphics I've made thus far. ^.^ Ueda-centric, though I do have some stuff for the other members. Also contains anime/manga graphics {mainly for Bleach and Vampire Knight}, and my own hand-made jewelery, but the majority of the focus is Ueda and KAT-TUN.

A Friending MEME ~ kazimierzi is hosting a friending MEME on her journal! Interested? Visit the link above!

Enjoy Everyone!!!! \^n^/

X-Posting from my own blog (minus my raves XD):

Just bits and pieces from the 2 Dream Boys shows on 12th September ^^"
(The more interesting parts of the reports because I'm too lazy to translate the whole thing lol)


Park Scene
Kame:I am Kazuya..Kon *does NwP KonKon*

Read more...Collapse )

Hi everyone!

My uncle's going to Tokyo this week and i'm planning on asking him to help me get the BTR regular edition album and the photobook.
Does anyone happen to know of any shops in Tokyo that will sell both these items? Do you think hmv sells the photobook too?

Thanks  in advance! :)

I found another article about the "Jin & BENI date" with a different version of the conversation they had.

translated over at my lj
Got some Kamenashi-kun, Ueda-Kun, 'Maruda' and 'Jinru' [what's that pairing called?]

everything is here

I came across this fan audio recording of Jin's entire Lands solo at the Tokyo Girls show:


Is it just me or does the part in the middle starting at 1:28 sound JUST like the melody Jin sings at the beginning of D-T-S (B-side to One Drop single)? It's like they took that short melody in D-T-S and expanded it into a bridge melody in Jin's Lands solo.  In any event, I'm glad they did because that's my favorite part --

Anyways, good job, Jin!  I think his voice was not as strong as usual (or maybe just a lot of reverb from the mike and recording) - but I'm sure it'll sound awesome on the CD. I SO can't wait....
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