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Making it world wide!
August 17th, 2009 
several shop of the group, jin and maru

16 shop: jin- pv yorokobi no uta (1400x1000)
countdown 08-09: groups, maru (1400x1000)
maru-bowling (1200x800)


more HERE

TITLE: And then we kissed...
RATING: NC-17 ? Adult stuff
WARNINGS: Smut, Guy sex
SUMMARY: And then we kissed... 

Thousands of people in our back...

And it seemed like it would last forever....

But after all it was just a moment...

- Angsty Kame, wise Jin, a kiss, a mountain and a bamboo carpet -
I do not own Akanishi, but I own Kame, at least in my dreams ;P

Hey there, first post here :D
First fanfic ever to publish and first smut ever ^___^
Please be gentle. 

You can feed your pervy mind right HERE.

so i finally got around to doing this, only because i have a 6 hour break between lessons today. did all the members --> here. link to part 2 is at the bottom. :)


I'm still waiting for the release of Wonder CD but I just read that Jin will do another collaboration with Crystal Kay titled "Helpless Night".  And the song will be released in her BEST OF CRYSTAL KAY CD.   It is already officially confirmed here:


For more details, you can read it here:


GD pointing
I've translated Kame and Junno's parts from the 08/2009 issue of Wink Up! Again the focus of this interview was "messages" so they answer various questions relating to them. If you want to read it GO HERE!!!
04:47 pm - More Graphics
Blue Sky Kamera

I bring you...

+ 3 Icons
+ 2 Banners/Signatures
+ 9 Wallpapers

Again mainly Kame as my obsession over him just won't pass XD

((Kizuna))Collapse )
Hi minna-san,

I'm in Tokyo right now and I was wondering if some of you guys would know places where KAT-TUN has been?!
I want to do a kind of "KAT-TUN pilgrimage" then, if you know places where shooting of Drama, PV or Cartoon KAT-TUN were done..please, pleaaaase let me know it^^

I don't know if my tags are correct, please correct me if i'm wrong :s

+ Jin Akanishi [12]

+ Jin Akanishi [1]


see the rest here @ kazuhaa 

art by dan-ah kim

A while ago I saw the gifs vandi714 made of the Cartoon KAT-TUN 05.27.09 episode (with Kame and Ueda and the puppies <3) and have been wanting to see it and understand it since then. So I have been pestering my friend eboreaus to please please sub that episode and she finally did!


Maybe if we beg she'll do more?
Newshfan has kindly subbed this and released hard and soft on her journal... it is adorable so check it out at http://newshfan.livejournal.com/126853.html
Miroku flowers

I made little and simply Kame manipulation.

You can check it out HERE @ my journal.


**The title is irrelevant. I just got that stuck in my head XD LOL**

Click the link below for a picspam at my journal.
Some old pics, 2 akame images and the boys in what appears to be a hot tub.


And click this link if you want to laugh feel bad for Kame. XD



10:16 pm - KT wallpapper :]
ARASHI * Sho (Flames)

i made a KT wallpaper
check it out when you have time!!
thanks so much :]
*please click the image preview to re-direct to my LJ*
click on my tags to see more!!

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