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Making it world wide!
August 5th, 2009 
sleeping tat-chan <3
R-One KAT-TUN #171 20090707 summary & download

Ueda & Nakamaru sidetrack way too much in this episode, from the topic of heights difference till Nakamaru's role in 'Haha no Okurimono'. Find out exactly what about maru's role in the dorama makes Ueda so entertained, making him laugh the most he has ever done in recent years. Also, get to know if both of them are an S or M, and guess what Ueda does not like to do himself, but would like to seriously watch other people do it from the top..?  ♥

( this must be the time you've laughed the happiest in the recent two to three years.. )

01:08 am - taguchi gifs
[tacchon] darekimi

From several TV shows [Merenge no Kimochi and Hanamaru Cafe], dramas [Hanayome to Papa and Yukan Club] and Bokura no Machi de PV. It took me really much to edit the videos, cut the clips, take the pictures, put them alltogether to make these...>< Hope everyone likes them~

so, they're here at my journal~ Feel free to use for headers or whatever, just credit~

preview pics

I made a cm starring Jin. You can see others Johnny's too^^

Gatsbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!

jin sing

Title: The JE flight KK223

Pairing: Akame

Rating: Nc-17

Genre: Smut and bit of romance

Disclaimer: Oh yeah, I own the plane.

Summary: Akanishi Jin found himself boarding the plane KK223 of the JE airlines. And there, he met the beautiful and sexy stewardess, Kamenashi Kazuya.

Warning: girl kame, no want no read no bash.

A/N: who wants to board the plane too?! Hahaha. Seriously, I will! Another smut from me, hope you’ll like it. This is supposed to be the other fic for Jin’s birthday but I didn’t manage to finish >.< Anyway, I hope you’ll read this and please do comment! Locked in a week!



10:53 am - Jin Stuff

Just random Jin pics and gifs at my journal. :)


EDIT: Found the video of Jin and the monkey. I added it to the entry in my journal. :)
11:47 am - 59 Icons
•• baekhyun - baby lion
KAT-TUN; Kanjani8; Kis-My-Ft2; NEWS; Kimura Takuya; Becky; Toda Erika; Kitagawa Keiko; Nagasawa Masami; Japanese fashion. TOTAL: 136 icons.

HERE @ neko_ni_naritai
11:48 am - WINK UP 0909
yeah magazine issue

wink up size 3000x2400


more HERE
hi.. i'm mela and i'm from indonesia..
well i've been on kattunlove for months.. and had been posting comments where ever i take some pics and stuff.. and haven't introduced myself properly..

ah.. actually i've known kat-tun since 2007 by my friends who's been fangirls of kat-tun first..
but i don't care about them much.. (stupid me [that time] haha..)
but i liked don't you ever stop then thou!! it makes you wanna dance!!

well.. until few months ago.. about when rescue was aired as a pv.. my friend showed me kat-tun again..
and when i saw that pv, especially when they do their solo dancing.. especially jin's part.. i go.. hey, they're cool!!
and she showed me ctkt 103.. and i loved them from there.. especially maru's suprise part!!
so now i'm a kat-tun fangirl!! yeay!!

i'm a fangirl of kame, jin, koki, and maru all at once.. i don't know who i liked best of those four!! 
haha... so greedy of me.. haha.

and.. i'm pretty sad about how alot of my friends don't know anything about kat-tun.. when i start talking  about kat-tun, they go, what is that? and i have to explain alot, and they still don't care.. so sad.. when will kat-tun go worldwide?? at least got a dorama aired in indonesia..
ah.. how bout they play all at once in one drama.. i bet it can make them go worldwide!!

ah.. too long.. in the end.. let's us be friends!!
love kat-tun, and love kattunlove!! 
hi minna san
i found a fancam from domucon , the Duration about 1 hour
The quality isn't very good, but it's still very nice to watch it <3

download links @ sberry1582
07:43 pm - CTKT SUBBED
jun hair
Hey everybody,

I just want to let you guys know that VIOLINROX has subbed FIVE of the recent CTKT episodes and a bunch of clips of other episodes too!

Go to http://violinrox.livejournal.com/2125.html to download them!
SJ Paris

I come back with a new report (01/08 Sendai Con, the afternoon show)

French & English! :)

Hip Hop Bunny
Hello everyone! I'm planning to have an Akanishi shirt (wew, talk about fangirling) and there's one picture that I would like to use. I found one in photobucket but it's toosmall and unclear.

If you know where to get this picture or if you have one, can you share it to me? I've been looking for it but I can't find one (thanks to my poor ninja skill T.T). Thank you in advance! :D
Kanjani8//Ohkura - sex
Just a quick thank you to everyone who has helped translate the rules so far. We even had an off-site volunteer, which is more than I expected^_^;;

To the translators:
I'm sorry, but the email addresses are all mixed between the kattunlove's inbox and my own, and I need to speak with you guys en masse. Pleaseplease email me at this address whenever you get a chance.


or leave me a comment here with your email address (comments are screened)

((This applies to whether you've finished the translations or not.))

I don't need you guys to re-send me the rules, I just need you to email me, lol. sorry for the confusion^_^;;

Arashi: Popcorn
I've done a few more Wink Up Message Board translations since I last did a big cross-post to the JE communities, so if you're interested in reading and you missed them, here they are:

January 2004
April 2004
May 2004

If you missed any others, I have an index here of all of the ones I've done :)

Enjoy, and I apologize if this popped up more than once on your f-list!
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