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Making it world wide!
July 31st, 2009 
happy nakame
Overall: 22 PNG icons


More icons here @ strawberry_gemm 
Locked after 3 days

CQL WY (Anime)
You'll have seen resha_hime's translations of the Photobook entries for Kame and Ueda. When I asked, she said she wasn't planning to do others, so I thought I'd try Jin.

It's over here at my journal. Hope you enjoy.
01:13 pm(no subject)
Toda Erika
Kuroki Meisa


here @ changetje

Doumo minna-san!!~ Hisashiburi desu!!~ Been very busy since summer holiday, so, i managed to do only a few graphics...


And also, i found Kame Optical Center!!~ All here @ srikandicinta
We just want to remind you guys about Gokusen The Movie petition
This petition will immediately be closed one week after wards. Thank you for your participation and support ^^


To all fans in Indonesia. We are trying to make a petition so that Gokusen the Movie can be played in Indonesia's theaters. Please support us to make this petition that will be send to 21 Cineplex Indonesia.
You can PM me or send email to: kattunesia@yahoo.co.id

and give us your

- Name (real name),
- city
- email address
- message (Indonesian message only : max 25 words)

Join us!
Hello everyone! Just wanna share some chibi photos of some JE boys and other asian celebrities. :) They're so cute!!! >o<

(babies babies babies...)

happy nakame
[ 35 ] Nakamaru
[ 25 ] Kamenashi

Locked after 3 days


More  icons here @ strawberry_gemm 

09:31 pm - Jin is punch

For those who haven't seen this vid (and the ones who want to see it again XD) , chibi Jin trying to speak English.

Video hereCollapse )
「erika 」walk away



[3] Kamenashi Kazuya



here @ soufflemonster 
[37] from tvshows that promote GOKUSEN


here @ vandi714 

uwah shush
i was wondering if there was ANY place in Singapore (i think like in the capital of the country only)
that u could buy JE goodies...?
my dad is going there tomorrow and i just ttly remembered that i THINK u could buy JE items there...
so i might as well make use of his trip there...XD LAWLS

thnks in advance =D

*to the mods... feel free to take this down if its not app. =]
Here are bits and pieces translated off fanblogs/forums etc.

( Not so much fanservice compared to Okinawa? )


There's not a lot of stuff, but I'll be adding more when I find more *u*

I updated the entry with more things that happened during the concert, and I have found the reason for the lack of details in most fan reports I read - all the details went to "how the members got harassed by fans". Yes, the members were harassed by the fans. Reading these fan reports really disgust me :( I just hope that those watching the future concerts have better manners and would actually think from the point of view of the members.
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