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July 26th, 2009 
Dirty Little Secret
Author : mizuno_hikaru
Pairing : Akame, slight Jin x one of KAT-TUN’s member (one sided, will be revealed later)
Rating : PG15
Beta : piperr0919
Genre : angst. Kinda.
Summary : You are beautiful, and you don’t love me.
A/N : Trapped 5 hours at the beauty shop to straightened my hair. So I wrote this. And yeah, I love angst.

You are always his, and you love him—so much and it’s so beautiful even though it pains my heart

01:38 am - HELP!~

can someone pls tell me wheres this from..? =DDD

thanks!!~ <3

I wanna tell you about the brand NEW karaoke site which is just opened...^^

Breaking Records is the karaoke forum brought to you by creators and soul of asian_karaoke@lj
it's just in building process...but you can still join...^^ we'll open 1st projects soon...^^

AK forum is not moving anywhere

you can join there in Japanese, Korean and Chinese official projects which has opened by mods/admins...
or...you can open your own project with a song you have always wanted to sing...^^

for more information,

check it out yo!!!

I as a mod and other mods+admins are working hard to build the best karaoke site ever and make it pretty and nice place to stay...^^

if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask...^^
BRZ | BARABARA autograph
I'm a forum member in http://www.ahsforum.com/forum & they have a KAT-TUN thread in there & someone who goes by the name of Mr. Goto posted this in the thread in which I found it so amusing xD

awful_fall found & took this from an entertainment guide that you can find in the cabin pockets of Singapore Airlines .

LOL bless the mistake . Poor Kame been changed to Came xD while Akanishi becomes Ukanishi -_-'''

& you can download LJ icons inspired by this hilarious boo boo via ooaquamarineoo xD & I say great job that it has been done <3
02:54 pm - hey guys!
here is the full list of TV NAVI SPRING AWARDS. :) if your interested please click HERE at my  LJ.:)
Did an almost transcription of the Okinawa first show's MC (:
Added some of the audio clips for certain abstraction
Would cut and add more when I come back from work (:

Akame counts how many "balls" they have on the stage

CQL WY (Anime)
I tried to translate an old interview where the guys talk about their pets, about which KAT-TUN member resembles which animal, and what sort of pet shop they would want to run.

Follow the link to my journal and find out who is the gorilla and who is the penguin... and who is the axolotl.
jinda camera

KATTUNesia (KAT-TUN Indonesia Forum) celebrated Jin Akanishi's 25th Birthday in July 2009. We celebrated the event in 3 different big cities of Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

wish you all the best....we will always support you and...
please come to Indonesia soon.....!!!

thanks to everyone who came and join us. we have so much fun!

*** Credits to [info]google_v07 's previous post here ** sorry, i dont know what to write ><

More Piccies from US the Jakarta Residence LOL!!

Be sure to comment ne <3


Click the Cake to transfer you to [info]love_records


Here's the direct link, http://community.livejournal.com/love_records/13307.html
tsubasa tea
random icon dump~
which was caused by this EPIC post

[2] C Kamenashi Kazuya
[4] U Akanishi Jin


get more of them here at my journal ^0^
okies so here is junno's and kame's portion of icons! once again please credit and of course enjoy em! XD lolz



click, click, click away right here to get the rest! =PCollapse )

***you can find all my icons and other things such as wallies at my livejournal also!
08:08 pm - wallpapers
(1) alice nine.
(1) DBSK/東方神起
(2) Super Junior

(3) Miura Haruma
(2) Gackt (ガクト)

(1) Matsumoto Jun
(1) Mizushima Hiro

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Total wallpapers: 14


get them here at akatsuki_127  
sleeping tat-chan &lt;3
KAT-TUN magazine scans

. Nikkei Entertainment July'09 - Ueda Tatsuya

Gokusen related:
. Only Star 7/20
. Only Star 7/27
. Shougaku Yonnensei August'09
. The Television 7/17
. TV Guide 7/17
. TV Life 7/24
. TV Pia 7/22
. Nihon Eiga Navi Vol.16

random preview:


( click here for lotsa kame ♥ )

being just me
Here's another translation I'm in the midst of doing, the rest of the members will be added soon~ But in the mean time, enjoy~ :D

Color Problem

The theme is "color". If you were a color, which color would you be? They answer this question. Each having their own personalities and differences, the 6 of them told us what they thought. They'll talk about their thoughts about the Dome Concert and their enthusiasm for their nation-wide tour! (From July 2~Aug 23) (The information was taken from the first few days in June)

more here
11:49 pm(no subject)
▪ akanishi jin (09)
▪ kamenashi kazuya (08)
kuroki meisa (06)
sato takeru (04)
miura haruma (03)

( and when i see the moon i will think of you and me )
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