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July 13th, 2009 
happy nakame

Just wanna share  some screencaps. Right click and save the image to have a bigger size (HDTV)
Check them out here

Some news on Gokusen the movie's opening weekend:

The highly anticipated "Gokusen: The Movie" opened on 409 screens in Japan this past weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, more than 402,000 fans saw the film in theaters, earning "Gokusen" close to 490 million yen.

According to a statement by distributor Toho on Monday, the movie is projected to gross more than 4 billion yen by the end of its run.

In comparison, the "ROOKIES" movie opened several weeks ago on 428 screens, and it earned over 1.2 billion yen in its first two days.

Source: www.tokyograph.com/news/id-5018

I hope it will reach 4 billion yen or more. 

Tickets and goods list have been sent out and this is the goods list for summer con


Pamphlet 2000yen
Poster 800yen
Clear File 500yen
Original Photo Set 600yen
Uchiwa 500yen
*Shirt 2800yen
*Towel 3000yen
*Drink Bottle 1000yen
*Wristband 800yen
*Keyholder 1000yen
*Porch 1000yen
*Shopping bag 1100yen
*Penlight 1300yen '

Items with a (*) would be the same as Dome cons.

Random: Mixi people are planning a name-call encore, Jin Happy Birthday chant at Okinawa (: 
Anyone else here if you're dropping by Okinawa, drop me a PM? :D

I just read this manga, and I found KAT-TUN. KAT-TUN is popular ne~hehehe...

from Dragon Girl manga:
** If you're gonna play something, at least play something from KAT-TUN!**
02:59 pm - Animated Icons
I got screencap happy with Gom player so I made a bunch of animated icons :x
The sizes are big, and they have like at least 30 frames each -.-;

001-005 Akanishi Jin


If taking, credit is a must & no hotlinking.
Other than that, enjoy them over here.
Lee Taemin; ♥

{25} KAT-TUN (Ueda Tatsuya)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

More over here @ spoiledtreats!
Join / watch my graphic comm!
GD pointing
I am back again with another translation! This time it's Koki and Junno's parts from the 05/2009 issue of Myojo. They both sounded like they had a lot of fun with the interview and reading it you'll see why. If you want to read it GO HERE!!!
[Akame] protective

I've noticed that alot, if not all tickets in auctions state whether the name on fanclub tickets is male or female~ I don't know if the fact they specify this means that they do some kind of check of fanclub membership before letting you in.. I'm really worried about it >_< I have gone in on a fanclub ticket before, but it was all a huge last minute rush so if there had been checks I guess they would have skipped it ._.; as I look very much not Japanese, I'm not liking the risk of an expensive ticket and not being allowed in >.<

So~ does anyone know if it's safe to go in on a fanclub ticket, or do you get questioned?
..alternatively, if anyone knows how close to each live Pia/lawsons tickets are released that would be very helpful too >3>
Thank you anyone that can help >_<

mysoju.com just added the gokusen 2 dvd special and gokusen 2 special.
I'm going to watch it know, i guess with the movie out and all
I was just on mysoju.com and the Gokusen 2 DVD Special & Special has been added.
I;m going to watch it now,  i guess with all the hype about the movie.
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This is to keep the people who live in the same area grouped together.

If you notice a mistake on the form, and you resubmit your info, tell us. We need to know so we can remove the wrong entry.

Last bit:
I removed the "age" field, and renamed it "birthdate". If you wish to include your birthdate, you can either resubmit your info, or you can tell me here, and I'll add it manually. it's up to you:)

**edit: oops...here's the link to add your info to the list**

now I'm off to bed. not even 11pm yet and it feels like the day has gone on forever. yay for family members in the hospital x_x

Kame on TV. Many more things about Junno's drama ( He looks soo great/hot in Kimono!). More on Maru's drama. A bit about the new goods and the new CM.

HERE at tsuyaka 

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