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Making it world wide!
June 24th, 2009 
Hey! I'm just here to share 2 kame wallies and 1 banner I'd made a while back while trying out tutorials/brushes before i go off on my fandom hiatus to study for my exams T________________________T.

Small images:

full sized images here ^.^    sammi561104.livejournal.com/3585.html

[ps, can anyone teach me how to link with word? eg. click 'here' and it redirects you there>.< I'm a html retard :( ]

GD pointing
So, this time I come having translated Kame and Koki's parts from the 06/2009 issue of Duet. The article is a Q&A and they asked questions about random personal things. If you want to read it GO HERE!!
sleeping tat-chan &lt;3

already reported by tsuyaka , but here's the info from johnny's net anyway.


extract from http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-4968

"Haha no Okurimono," a work by the late screenwriter Kuniko Mukoda, is being adapted to both the small screen and the stage. The two versions will be completed later this year, in honor of the 80th anniversary of Mukoda's birth.

The story focuses on the two mothers of a couple that is about to get married. In the drama version, which will air as a single episode on TBS this fall, Keiko Takeshita and Hisako Manda play the mothers, while Yuki Shimizu and KAT-TUN's Yuichi Nakamaru play the couple. Other cast members include B-Saku Sato and Koji Ishizaka.

it'll be showing on TBS this autumn ^^

great that there's a new drama coming up for maru.. been quiet eh..? ^^
03:41 pm - ~ Banners ~
Kamenashi kazuya and Akanishi Jin
Friends only & semi-friends banners

I made them finally mido-chan kame_chan_08 
Hope you like them gurl 8D ~

{ 19 } Banners


More here @kawaiikame
Title: You are my Destiny; Sequel to The Secret Akame Stories: The Present of Fraise Street
Author: msdesireen
Ratings: PG
Genre: AU, Angst, Romance, Multichapt
Pairing/Characters: Akame, Akanishi Hikari, Akanishi Reio and of course YOU! (Yes, YOU!)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Akame, or this story would’ve been redundant. But I do own certain characters and the plot of this story ^^
Summary: 6 Years after the death of Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya met an American Born Japanese off the streets of New York who looked exactly like his ex-lover. Will the star-crossed lovers finally acknowledge the love they have for each other? Or will Kamenashi Kazuya let love slip by him the second time, turning this sweet, innocent tale to yet another tragedy?

Chapter 1 - Coincidence?
I'm going to Malaysia next week, and anyone know where I can buy JE good ?
anything official or unofficial

*srry for my bad english ya..*
Title: A Cup of Coffee mixed with a packet of Doubt to go
Author: Rin
Pairing(s): Akanishi Jin x Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating: R / M / NC-17
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I could only wish.
Summary: While Jin and Kazuya mix drinks and coffee for their regular customers, they cannot help but doubt each others' feelings. Is this feeling closer to physical or emotional needs or something along the lines of what some people may call love?

Author's Note: This is the first part of my Butterfly Cafe series. The Butterfly Café is about this small café that Johnny (supposedly) runs during his free time. I mean, this is where he goes to have coffee or lunch or whatever. And as a repayment for being scouted or something, all of Johnny’s take turns in watching over the shop and serving tea and… and…
Whatever else it is they do in a café…

He knew very well that there was no-one like him in the whole world for Kazuya, and that nobody could ever take his place even if Kazuya was shagging someone else. With someone else it would be shagging, with him it was making love.

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10:01 pm - Jin Icons :P
It's only Jin. Care to give me pictures of the other members? :)



More @ amaezed :D
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